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Enjoy a superior combination of quality and comfort, proudly crafted by Norway’s #1 outdoor footwear brand.

ALFA Mountain Boots

Ski boots for extreme polar adventures

Polar A/P/S is the most innovative boots for polar expeditions: so you can focus on the the adventure and not worry about your feet.

Expeditions using Alfa ski boots

Many explorers have preferred Alfa boots in extreme conditions. Here's a list of some of the expeditions undertaken with Alfa boots.

Unique mountain boot developed in collaboration with professional guides

Looking for a mountain boot designed with mountain hikers' indisputable requirements for boots that are not only technically advanced but also provide an even better outdoor experience? Juvass A/P/S GTX has been developed with a focus on low specific weight, durability and easy maintenance for use on top hikes and glaciers.

The Explorers

For 20 months 20 adventurers will present more and less known outdoor destinations in Norway

Backcountry ski boots letting you explore your adventure spirit

ALFA Backcountry ski boots are developed to ensure great skiing experiences, regardless of the terrain or weather conditions.