ALFA For Life

ALFA For Life is ALFA's overall effort to reduce its environmental footprint. Launched in 2019, ALFA For Life consists of a total of 14 different sub-projects covering everything from the company's raw material and resource use, transport of products to how they can help increase knowledge about shoe maintenance, repair and reuse. The sub-projects take into account sustainability as a whole, and seek to balance environmental, social and economic aspects. This means that there is an equal focus on internal and external measures to create more sustainable products and measures. ALFAs most important step towards a sustainable future is by producing long-life products combined with knowledge on proper shoe care and maintenance, allowing the shoes to last longer. This also includes an ambition to work towards reducing hyper-consumption by offering real long lasting, timeless alternatives ALFA wants to be transparent and open in all communication related to the company's sustainability work. This implies honesty around both positive, neutral and negative aspects of the entire value chain. ALFA wants to be a positive voice in a theme that is largely characterized by negativity and fear. ALFA believes more inspiration and motivation is needed to counteract discouragement and show consumers the benefits and importance the small improvements are. Read more about ALFA's measures to reduce its environmental footprint.