5 white beaches with crystal clear water

5 white beaches with crystal clear water

It's good to see that more and more people are using Norway as a holiday destination. Norwegian holidays are trendy and the possibilities are many. The highlands offer beautiful scenery and a tranquillity that many can only dream of. What not many people know is that where the Norwegian mountains finally meet the sea, there is another natural gem with chalky white sand and clear water. Here I share some of my favourite spots.

To get on the list, nearby tour possibilities have been an important criterion. The five beaches I have chosen are either at the end of a nice path, or there are great walking opportunities from the beach. Three of the five are in northern Norway, while two are in the west. Check out the list and get inspired. 

Sunset at Bleikstranda.


At Andenes in Vesterålen you will find Bleikstranda - an almost 3 km long sandy beach on the northwest side of Andøya. You can get to the beach by car and since the beach is so long, you can find your own little paradise where you can enjoy your lunch or spend the night. If you were camping, I would have followed the beach southwest and found a slightly more secluded area.

From the beach you can enjoy the sound of the waves as the occasional sea eagle glides by. The trip to Måtinden is highly recommended. Here you will also pass beautiful waters and more secluded beaches. Read about the trip on ut.no or my blog post from 2016.

Bleikstranda on Andøya. 

Farstadsanden in Møre og Romsdal. 


Farstadsanden in Fræna is a little idyll. The beach is considerably smaller than Bleik (around 600m), but is nicely situated between farmland and western coastal landscape. Young and old come here for a swim and a walk in the rugged landscape.

Farstadsanden is the starting point for the Nordneset coastal path - a shorter 2.4 km hike that takes you along the coastal strip through beautiful scenery. You have a view of the high mountains and the Nordneset lighthouse, which is located at the far end of the coast. A trip I took in spring 2017.


An unknown gem? Vetvika is idyllically situated on the coast of Bremanger. No road connection - so you have to walk here, unless you take the sea. The beach in Vetvika is silky and the water greenish. In the past Vetvika had three small farms and at most 30 to 40 people lived here. Now the peace has settled over Vetvika, and this little gem is perfect for day trips as well as camping trips.  

The trip starts with beautiful nature experiences as you pass the mountain to get down to the beach. Read more about the trip on ut.no. 

Vetvika is beautifully situated at the end of the mountain.


Unlike Vetvika, Kvalvika has become well known among many Norwegians. Tourists from all over the world flock to Lofoten to see some of the best Norway has to offer. Many choose to take the trip over the mountain to Kvalvika. This gem of a beach is surrounded by rugged cliffs, green plains and roaring seas.

Turen inn til Kvalvika byr på nydelig lofotlandskap og om å å stranden må man først forsere en fjell. Many people choose to bring their equipment for an overnight stay, but the trip can also be done as a day trip.

Since Kvalvika has become so well known, the likelihood of experiencing the beach alone is quite small. When I visited the beach, there were already several tents on the shore. Read more about the trip on ut.no.

 Kvalvika in Lofoten.

A rainy day in Horseidvika. 


Lofoten is home to a sea of beautiful beaches. In addition to Kvalvika, Bunes, Unstad, Haukelandstranda and Flakstad are a few gems that should be visited. However, it is Horseidstranda that I would like to highlight. Horseidstranda is situated in a secluded spot between mighty mountains and the white beach is washed far into the valley, which gives a very special atmosphere as you walk towards Horseidvika. 

The trip in is probably heavier than the trip to Bunes, and since Bunes is also nearby, there will be a lot fewer people out at Horseidstrand. I myself walked from Selfjordhytta to Horseidstranda and on to Kjerkfjorden. A trip that is recommended. See where Horseidstranda is located on ut.no. 


What is your favourite beach? Send me your best tips on instagram :)