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Maintenance of AlfaAir™ shoes

How do I best take care of my textile / synthetic boots?

In principle Alfa Air is a maintenance free material, and it needs nothing more than clean washing water and proper drying. It is important to clean and take care of the shoes in order to maintain quality throughout the boot's lifetime. 

Airing out after each excursion

The insoles absorb plenty of moisture and should be removed after every longer excursion, as they will dry quickly when outside of the boot. This is especially important after multi-day excursions. For shoes with Gore-Tex® Surround is particularly important to let the shoes dry well, so that no moisture remains in the spacer.

Cleaning boots in Alfa Air™ material

Remember to remove the laces before cleaning your boots. After removing the insoles and laces, remove any dirt. Average dirt levels require brushing with Alfa Leather Brush and cleaning under luke-warm running water. For dirty boots use Alfa Clean & Refresh which is an effective cleaning agent that removes stains and dirt. 


1. Remove loose dirt with a damp cloth.
2. Shake the bottle and spray evenly on the shoe/boot.
3. Use a damp cloth to wash the shoe/boot.
4. If necessary, rinse under the tap or wipe with a cloth. 
5. Repeat if necessary and then when they are dry, impregnate the shoe/boot immediately . 

Cleaning the inside

The insoles can be machine washed at 40 degrees with detergent that removes bacteria at low temperatures. To wash the boot inside, we recommend luke-warm water or Alfa Shoes Cleaning. Use Alfa Cloth to dry the inside of the boot, and let the boot dry for at long time (minimum a few days). This removes unpleasant odors from bacteria and salts that clog the membrane and therefore reduces the shoe's breathability.

Drying Alfa Air™ boots

If you have cleaned your boots they need to dry thoroughly before further treatment. It is best to put them at room temperature for 24 hours.

If you have cleaned your boots inside, they can be filled with newspaper for 30 minutes first to get out the most moisture. Remember that the insoles are best dried on the outside of the boots.

You may have experienced that bad smell can occur in shoes, especially shoes made of textile/synthetic materials. One reason may be that the drying process has taken too long.

Shoes in general do not tolerate high heat and we recommend using drying temperatures below 37°C. Do not place the shoes on or close to a radiator, fireplace or other heat source. Both leather and synthetic materials can easily be damaged from overheating, as they can shrink and lose their fit. For Alfa Air™ this includes direct sunlight, as the material easily absorbs heat.

Impregnating Alfa Air™ boots

The outer material in Alfa Air™ is maintenance free and should not be treated with impregnation.

However, it is important to keep boots clean to not shorten the life of the shoe.

Storing Alfa Air™ boots

Store your boots at room temperature in a dry and properly ventilated place. Shoes/boots with Alfa Air™ material should never be exposed to direct sunlight, as the material easily absorbs heat. Furthermore, do not store them directly on heated floors, as it dries out the rubber and decreases the sole's lifespan.

Never store wet boots in moist rooms or in your car, as they are exposed to mold and discoloring. Furthermore, do not store them directly on heated floors, as it dries out the rubber and decreases the sole's lifespan.

With frequent and proper care your boots will provide you with years of great outdoor experiences!