Maintenance of wool shoes and boots

How do I best take care of my wool boots??

Proper care and maintenance is important for your Alfa boots to stay dry an neat over time. Dirt and moisture have little impact on well-kept boots.

Here will you get a thorough introduction how to take good care of your Alfa boots. 

Airing out wool boots

The insoles absorb plenty of moisture and dry faster outside the boot. They should be removed at regular intervals so the boot can air out properly and dry up well.

Cleaning wool boots

Never stow away dirty boots.
Remember to remove the laces before cleaning, brushing and/or polishing your boots.  After removing the insoles and laces, remove any dirt from the wool.  Average dirt levels require brushing with ALFA Leather Brush, luke-warm water and dish soap. Very dirty boots must be treated with ALFA Clean & Refresh. A effective cleaning agent that removes stans and dirt. 
1. Remove loose dirt with a damp cloth.
2. Shake the bottle and spray evenly on the shoe/boot.
3. Use a damp cloth to wash the shoe/boot.
4. If necessary, rinse under the tap or wipe with a cloth. 
5. Repeat if necessary and then let the shoe dry.

Drying wool boots

If you had to clean your boots, they must be left to dry completely before further treatment. The best way to ensure this is to let them dry at room temperature for 24 hours. In addition, if you have cleaned the inside of the boot, you can stuff them with newspaper for 30 minutes to get rid of the excess water and reduce the drying time.

It is important to note that leather boots are somewhat fragile to heat. Therefore, we recommend keeping drying temperatures to 37°C or lower. Avoid placing your boots to dry on or close to a radiator, close to a fireplace or any other heat source. Materials are damaged easily by too strong heat and the materials can shrink and lose och change shape.

Impregnating wool boots

All of our wool boots are untreated. This i because the lanolin in the wool acts as an impregnation. After a period of use, we recommend that you re-impregnate the boots to protect the wool material better.

ALFA Protection and Waterproofing is a effective impregnation that protect the shoe/boot against water and dirt. Alfas unique technology mimics natures own chemistry, lika a leaf that is water repellent, and is both biodegradable, kind to nature and can be applied indoors. The impregnation is PFC-FREE and the bottle can be recycled.

1. Clean the shoe.
2. Shake the bottle
3. Spray evenly on the shoe/boot.
4. Wipe off excess impregnation with a cloth.
5. Let the shoe/boot dry for 24 hours, for best effect.  

The right type of care can significantly extend the life of your boots.

How often should I treat my wool boots?

The frequency of impregnation depends on the amount of use, but in principle wool materials does not need to be impregnated very often. This because the lanolin in the wool acts as an impregnation. 

Storing wool boots

Store your boots in a dry, cold and properly ventilated place. Never store wet boots in moist rooms or in your car, as they are exposed to mold and discoloring. Furthermore, do not store them directly on heated floors, as it dries out the rubber and decreases the sole's lifespan.

With frequent and proper care your  boots will provide you with great outdoor experiences for long time!