Terms of service

Here you will find information about the terms and conditions that apply to our online store.


To shop at Alfa Sko AS online store, you must register as a customer with a valid e-mail address. This is done when you make your first purchase. Furthermore, there is a statutory age limit of 18 years for card and credit purchases. We ask that you register your mobile number so that you receive tracking information by SMS when the package is on its way.

Your trust is important to us and we retain all customer data in accordance with Swedish law. Your information will not be shared or sold to a third party. If you want insight into what contact information we have on our customers, you want to change or delete information we have saved about you contact us at webshop@alfaoutdoor.com


The parties

The seller is Alfa Sko AS, Jarenstranda 12, 2750 Gran, Norway, info@alfa.no, +47 61336900, Org.no. NO 951 001 880 VAT and is hereinafter referred to as the seller.

The buyer is the consumer who makes the order and is hereinafter referred to as the buyer.

Change of address

You as a customer are responsible for entering the correct address and postcode when you shop in our online store. We deliver automatically to the registered address.


All prices include VAT. All costs related to the purchase, both goods and any shipping will be displayed in the purchase process before you confirm the purchase and make the actual payment.

We reserve the right that goods may be out of stock, price changes, incorrect price information and other possible errors in the information in our ads and on www.alfaoutdoor.com. If it turns out that an item you ordered from us has the wrong price or description, contact us by e-mail webshop@alfaoutdoor.com


Your safety is very important to us and we have chosen our partners carefully. In this way, we take care of your security throughout the purchase, so you do not have to worry about security when you order goods in our online store. We use the following payment solutions: Stripe for secure payment with VISA and Mastercard and Klarna for invoice payment.

When paying with Visa or MasterCard, the amount you shop for is reserved in your account. We do not debit your account/card before the product is sent to you. The booking is automatically canceled if the order is canceled or for other reasons is not delivered. This takes between 3-7 working days.

When paying with an invoice, the invoice is issued to the buyer when the goods are sent. The payment deadline is stated on the invoice and is at least 14 days from receipt.

Buyers under the age of 18 cannot pay with a subsequent invoice.


All purchases over 50 Euros are delivered free of charge with DHL in Scandinavia, and all purchases over 350 Euros are delivered free of charge with DHL in world wide.

Other shipping cost depend on the product purchased and delivery country. This is automatically calculated in the checkout.

Delivery takes place when the buyer, or his representative, has taken over the thing. The risk for the goods passes to the buyer when he or his representative has had the goods delivered.

Delivery time is shown in the order solution if this can be calculated for your address. If the delivery time is not specified in the order solution, the seller must deliver the product to the buyer without undue delay and no later than 30 days after the order from the customer. The item must be delivered to the buyer unless otherwise agreed between the parties.

Read more about shipping.

30 days right of withdrawal

All returns to ALFA must be registered before being sent back to ALFA.


Attached to our packages is a prepaid return label and you have a 30-day unconditional right of withdrawal. According to the Right of Withdrawal Act, the consumer can terminate the agreement without giving any reason within 14 days after the goods have been received, and the information required on the basis of the Right of Withdrawal Act, Chapter 3, has been received in the prescribed manner. Alfa extends beyond what the law requires and gives you a 30-day right of withdrawal!

In any case, the time limit expires no later than three months after the goods have been received, or one year if information about the right of withdrawal has not been provided.

The customer must cover the expenses of NOK 150 when he returns the package without collection. This is deducted upon refund to the customer

If returned products show signs of use in addition to the necessary testing, an assessment of the write-down will be made in accordance with the Right of Withdrawal Act. If you choose to remove the labels and / or use the shoes outdoors, an individual impairment assessment is made where factors such as cleaning and cleaning of the shoes (400-600 NOK) and damage determine any deduction for the refunded amount.

Faulty product - the buyer's rights and deadline for complaints

We see the value of satisfied customers and want to give what we can so that you are always up to date on order status and any delays. We undertake to answer all questions you have. All inquiries about our online store and products purchased in it are sent via e-mail to webshop@alfaoutdoor.com

If there is a defect in the item, the buyer must, within a reasonable time after it was discovered or should have been discovered, notify the seller that he or she will invoke the defect. The buyer has always complained in time if it happens within two months. from the defect was discovered or should have been discovered. Complaints can be made no later than two years after the buyer took over the product. If the product or parts of it are intended to be significantly longer than two years, the complaint period is five years.

If the product has a defect and this is not due to the buyer or circumstances on the part of the buyer, the buyer can, in accordance with the rules in the Consumer Purchase Act, Chapter 6, withhold the purchase price, choose between correction and refund delivery, price reduction, demand termination and / or the seller.

Register warranty claims here

Correction or return

The buyer can choose between claiming the defect or correcting the delivery of similar items. The seller can still oppose the buyer's claim if the execution of the claim is impossible or the seller causes unreasonable costs. Correction or return must be made within a reasonable time. The seller is in principle not entitled to make more than two corrective attempts for the same error.

Price reduction

The buyer may demand an appropriate price reduction if the item is not corrected or returned. This means that the ratio between reduced and agreed price corresponds to the ratio between the value of the item in defective and contractual condition. If there are special reasons for this, the price reduction can instead be set to the significance of the defect for the buyer.

Cancel the purchase

If the item has not been repaired or returned, the buyer can also cancel the purchase when the defect is not insignificant.

Seller's rights in the event of the buyer's standard

You as a customer are obliged to follow the conditions given when you buy from Alfa Sko AS. Please note that you as a customer must cover the costs of returning non-collected packages.

If the buyer does not pay or fulfill the other obligations under the agreement or the law, and this is not due to the seller or the circumstances on the part of the seller, the seller can according to the rules in the Consumer Purchase Act Chapter 9 withhold the article, demand fulfillment of the agreement, demand termination of the agreement and demand compensation. from the buyer. The seller will also be able to claim interest for late payment, a fee and a reasonable fee for uncollected goods, depending on the circumstances.


The seller can keep the purchase and demand that the buyer pay the purchase price. If the goods are not delivered, the seller loses his right if he waits unreasonably long to delay the claim.

Cancel the purchase

The seller can terminate the agreement if there is a significant negligence or other significant negligence on the part of the buyer. The seller can still not charge if the full purchase price has been paid. If the seller sets a reasonable additional time limit for performance and the buyer does not pay within this time limit, the seller can cancel the purchase.

Interest on late payment / collection fee

If the buyer does not pay the purchase price in accordance with the agreement, the seller can demand interest on the purchase price in accordance with the Late Interest Act. In the event of non-payment, the claim can, after prior notice, be sent to the buyer and then be held liable for fees in accordance with the Debt Collection Act.

Fee for non-collected non-prepaid goods

If the buyer does not collect unpaid goods, the seller can charge the buyer a fee. The fee shall at most cover the seller's actual expenses for delivering the goods to the buyer. Such a fee cannot be charged by buyers under 18 years of age.


Warranty from the seller or manufacturer gives the buyer rights in addition to those that the buyer already has under mandatory legislation. A guarantee thus does not limit the buyer's right to complain and claim in the event of a delay or defect under paragraphs 9 and 10.

Personal Information

The person responsible for the processing of collected personal data is the seller. Unless the buyer agrees to something else, the seller may, in accordance with the Personal Data Act, only collect and store the personal data that is necessary for the seller to be able to fulfill the obligations under the agreement. The buyer's personal information will only be disclosed to others if it is necessary for the seller to implement the agreement with the buyer, or in statutory cases.

Conflict resolution

Complaints are addressed to the seller within a reasonable time, cf. points 9 and 10. The parties shall try to resolve any disputes in memory. If this does not succeed, the buyer can contact the Consumer Council for mediation. The Consumer Council is available on telephone 23 400 500 or www.forbrukerradet.no.

The European Commission's complaints portal can also be used if you want to lodge a complaint. This is especially relevant if you are a consumer residing in another EU country. The complaint is submitted here: http://ec.europa.eu/odr.