SKIsports review

"The newly developed top model for competition use is in many ways a small racing comeback for Alfa. The Norwegian company has a strong position in the backcountry and expedition segment, but it has been a few years since we last saw Alfa boots in competitions.

We tested the new boots in the ski tunnel in Torsby, Sweden and experienced a very robust and solid racing boot. It is warm and comfortable, especially the sock. At the same time, venting in the ankle prevents moisture from building up. There are hardly any other racing boots that keep you warmer and drier, while maintaining competitive characteristics as well. It is lightweight and has a soft sole, yet provides stability when in use. We have also been wowed by the fresh new design. The new Alfa boots come compatible with Rottefella's binding system."


Alfa Air ™ (perforated PU material) combines the durability of leather with the breathability of textiles - all at a 50% weight reduction compared to leather. The shoe rejects snow and dirt, are maintenance free and are easy to clean. Trac A/P/S is the only competition boot on the market lined with Gore-Tex ©, which makes warm, waterproof and breathable.

Price: 3499,-

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