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GORE-TEX Performance Comfort
Vibram® Grip AMG
Impact A/P/S GTX M
Impact A/P/S GTX M
Impact A/P/S GTX M
Impact A/P/S GTX M
Impact A/P/S GTX M
  • Impact A/P/S GTX M - Classic Brown
  • Impact A/P/S GTX M - Classic Brown
  • Impact A/P/S GTX M - Classic Brown
  • Impact A/P/S GTX M - Classic Brown
  • Impact A/P/S GTX M - Classic Brown
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Impact A/P/S GTX M

The first ever fully repairable GORE TEX walking shoe.

€ 419,-

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AFL Guarantee

“The most visible evidence of ALFA's sustainable commitment to date. ”

Read about ALFA's Sustainable approach

Use and repair the same shoes for generations.

Use and repair the same shoes for generations.

Replace the parts that are damaged, not the whole shoe.

Replace the parts that are damaged, not the whole shoe.

 Save money and environment.

Save money and environment.

Take a stand against the buy-and-waste mentality.

Take a stand against the buy-and-waste mentality.

Tossing a shoe that is essentially fully functioning makes no sense. It is bad for the economy and worse for the environment. Even if parts of the shoe is worn out, it does not mean that the whole shoe needs to be thrown out and replaced with new shoes. We at ALFA believe we should be better at repairing our things.

About Impact A/P/S GTX M

Impact A/P/S GTX are designed to last by allowing care and repair. The shoes are built-up using full grain leather, a waxed outer layer and comes with a built in ALFA fit for added comfort. The leather is traceable, and the replaceable GORE TEX membrane allows for a water resistant boot that breathes.

The rubber outer adds protection, whilst the PU middle sole gives added stability, combined with a Vibram Grip AMG outer sole safeguarding a good grip on the surface. Impact A/P/S GTX shoes are produced in a factory in Italy where quality is at a high standard. The factory takes environment and health seriously. All materials and components are traceable and documented by means of ethics, environmental impact and animal welfare.

Each part of the shoe can be repaired and recycled when worn out. Impact A/P/S GTX comes fully equipped with a shoe bag and a maintenance product. If the shoes are maintained properly, they will adapt to your feet and last a lifetime. Impact A/P/S GTX are especially developed to last, and with this shoe you will receive an expanded warranty, 5 years covering production and material issues. If after 5 years you complete a 5 year service through ALFA you will receive a further 3 year warranty towards production and material issues.

  • Weigth: 750 g pr shoe/boot (EU 42)
  • Shaft height: 16.0 cm (EU 42)
Learn about maintenance
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Area of use

Water Resistance 5

Breathability 3

Sole Stiffness 4

Insulation 4

Ankle Support 4


  • Heinen Full-Grain Leather

    Tysk fullnarvet kvalitetslær fra nordtyske kuer. Heinen lærfabrikk fra 1891 er kåret til ett av de beste lærprodusentene i Europa og jobber for et så lavt miljøavtrykk som mulig, med minimale CO2 utslipp og gjennbruk av vann. Gjennom terracare® er det stilt høye krav til miljø, dyrevelferd og arbeidsforhold. Overskuddsmateriale fra produksjonen brukes i andre produkter eller gjenvinnes.

    Fullnarvet lær er den beste lærkvaliteten, med gode pusteegenskaper og en glatt overflate som gjør den svært slitesterk og vannavvisende. Læret har en overflate som er behandlet med en naturlig voks, uten skadelige kjemikalier produsert i Tyskland

  • Replaceable GORE-TEX

    GORE-TEX membran som en skomaker enkelt kan bytte ut om det skulle bli nødvendig.

    Membranen sperrer vann ute, mens svetten enkelt fordamper fra innsiden. Føttene er alltid tørre og holder en behagelig temperatur i all slags vær. 100 % vanntett, slitesterk, god pusteevne, sørger for et tørt og komfortabelt klima for føttene.

Sole Technologies

  • Vibram® Grip AMG

    Vibram® Grip APS is a soft, specially developed sole with a low specific weight from Alfa and Vibram®. The sole pattern gives a responsive grip and is adapted to our textile shoes. Specially designed knobs provide a secure grip on uneven surfaces. The sole also has a well-defined heel that provides extra grip in downhill slopes. The pattern is designed so that soil and gravel do not adhere.

  • Natural L-board

    Binnsåle med gode pusteegenskaper og god stabilitet laget i naturlige materialer.

  • Stabilizing PU Midsole

    A shaped midsole with extra stabilizing properties and high durability.

  • Anatomic Insole

    An anatomically crafted insole that keeps your feet dry and comfortable in breathable materials with great absorption. The foam construction provides shock absorption, comfort and relief for tired feet. The antibacterial surface also helps prevents odor.

Fit & Support

  • Regular Fit

    Sturdy fit gives control over the movements. The heel shape is designed to reduce the risk of blisters.

  • Double Lock System

    In order to adapt the boot individually, ALFA has chosen to use two sets of locking hooks. This way you can lock the laces over the foot’s brigde, adjust the laces over the ankle's bending point, and then tighten and lock before tightening the shaft itself.

Other Featues

  • Complete Protection

    Reinforcement around the complete lower part of the show to improve durability and increase the shoes life span.

  • Laces

    Alfa laces are impregnated to prevent water absorption.

Size chart

Size chart

Place a paper close to the wall and with bare feet place the foot on the paper, with your heel to the wall. Since it is important to stand up straight, preferably have someone help you draw a line in front of the longest toe. Remember to measure both feet as they might not be identical. With a ruler, confirm the measurement in centimeters and add additional space according to the list below.


Hunting and Hiking

  • Hiking Low and Hiking Mid approx. add 1 cm.
  • Mountain, Hunting and Winter boots add approx. 1.5 cm.

Skiing boots

  • Racing add approx. 1 cm.
  • Backcountry, Touring and Expedition add approx. 1.5 cm


  • Low and Mid add approx. 1 cm.
  • High add approx. 1.5 cm.

Note that this method is purely intended as a guideline.