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GORE-TEX® Surround
Alfa Air™
  • LYNG A/P/S GTX W - Alfa Red
  • LYNG A/P/S GTX W - Alfa Red
  • LYNG A/P/S GTX W - Alfa Red


Lightweight hiking boots for trails and light backpacking.

€ 233,-

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APS - Alfa Pro Series

– Outstanding technical construction and function. Our most innovative products.

Key features

GORE-TEX® Surround

New GORE-TEX®-technology including a breathable system underneath the foot.

Vibram® Grip A/P/S outsole

Revolutionary outsole with superior grip on both wet and dry surfaces.

Alfa Air™

Maintenance free and lightweight upper material. Needs only rinsing!


A lightweight hiking boot with a snug fit and light ankle support. The AlfaAir™ maintenance free upper needs no care except being rinsed off. Combined with the GORE-TEX® Surround System, which breathes 360° around the foot, the boot is highly breathable and waterproof for comfortable feet throughout the day. Because of this breathable system where water can penetrate the air canals, you can experience a cold sensation during use in wet conditions. However, because of the GORE-TEX® membrane your feet will not get wet. The double lock system simplifies individual adjustment. A lightweight and shock absorbing EVA midsole paired with Vibram® Grip A/P/S outsole provides great traction on both wet and dry surfaces. The outsole is soft without compromising traction and torsional stability. Lyng A/P/S W comes with a dedicated women’s last.

  • Weigth: 445 g pr shoe/boot (EU 38)
  • Shaft height: 11.0 cm (EU 38)
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Area of use

Water Resistance 4

Breathability 4

Sole Stiffness 3

Insulation 2

Ankle Support 2


  • Alfa Air™

    Alfa Air™ consists of laminated layers. The outer material is perforated microfiber; which is maintenance free, well breathable and extremely durable. The other layers can be varied to provide product specific features, such as added insulation, elasticity or breathability.

    The great breathability offered by the Alfa Air™ uppers ensures comfortable feet even in warmer days. Perfect 3-season shoes, well suited for outdoor activities from late spring to early autumn.

  • GORE-TEX® Surround

    The unique Surround™ technology combines 100 % waterproofness and breathability in a very innovative way, and is used on our low and mid A/P/S hiking shoes. By including a breathable system with air ducts underneath the foot, it is designed to maximize end-use comfort in moderate to warm conditions and during high activity levels. 

    Please note that the open structure allows water to penetrate through the air ducts on the side, in example if you step in water or a swamp. Many will experience this as a bit unusual / strange feeling, when your feet are cooled by the water. This does not impact the shoes' ability to keep your feet dry - the waterproof GORE-TEX inner sock ensure it. The Surround™ technology can even be used to cool your feet on purpose on a hot summer without getting wet.

Sole Technologies

  • Anatomic Insole

    An anatomically crafted insole that keeps your feet dry and comfortable in breathable materials with great absorption. The foam construction provides shock absorption, comfort and relief for tired feet. The antibacterial surface also helps prevents odor.

  • Lightweight EVA Midsole

    Shock absorbing midsole with low specific weight, where cushioning and stability are adapted to the shoe’s intended field of application.

  • Surround L-Board

    A ventilating L-board with embedded air canals underneath the foot. The system will quickly wick away sweat and heat from the foot and transport it out of the shoe.

  • Vibram® Grip APS

    Grip APS is a custom-made sole, developed through Alfa's cooperation with Vibram®. The cleating is self-cleaning and provides optimum grip in our Hiking Mid and Hiking Low boots. Defined knobs provide great traction in uneven terrain and the defined sole edge ensures excellent grip on rocky surfaces. The heel definition increases downhill safety.

Fit & Support

  • Double Lock System

    In order to adapt the boot individually, ALFA has chosen to use two sets of locking hooks. This way you can lock the laces over the foot’s brigde, adjust the laces over the ankle's bending point, and then tighten and lock before tightening the shaft itself.

  • Standard-last Hiking mid and low

    A regular and stable fit provides complete control, while the round heel shape reduces the risk of blisters.

Other Featues

  • Complete Protection

    Reinforcement around the complete lower part of the show to improve durability and increase the shoes life span.

  • Mini Gaiter

    A elastic gaiter at the collar is a great feature that keeps out debris.

  • Laces

    Alfa laces are impregnated to prevent water absorption.

  • Taped Seams

    Adhesive film applied to seams for added water resistance.

Size chart

Size chart

Place a paper close to the wall and with bare feet place the foot on the paper, with your heel to the wall. Since it is important to stand up straight, preferably have someone help you draw a line in front of the longest toe. Remember to measure both feet as they might not be identical. With a ruler, confirm the measurement in centimeters and add additional space according to the list below.


Hunting and Hiking

  • Hiking Low and Hiking Mid approx. add 1 cm.
  • Mountain, Hunting and Winter boots add approx. 1.5 cm.

Skiing boots

  • Racing add approx. 1 cm.
  • Backcountry, Touring and Expedition add approx. 1.5 cm


  • Low and Mid add approx. 1 cm.
  • High add approx. 1.5 cm.

Note that this method is purely intended as a guideline.