Handmade walking shoes '
designed to last a life time.

You no longer need to use and throw your favourite walking shoe. We are the first on the market to offer this kind of repairable GORE-TEX walking shoe.
Fully repairable Gore-tex hiking boot

Everything can be repaired - including the GORE-TEX membrane

We at ALFA think we should be better at repairing our things. Even if a part of the shoe is worn out, it does not mean that the whole shoe has to be thrown away and replaced with new shoes. On the contrary. Now you can choose handmade quality shoes where all parts can be repaired, and thus can be kept for life. That's great news for you, your pocketbook and the environment.

Handmade walking shoes designed to last a lifetime

ALFA For Life™ - the start of a carrying power journey

ALFA has launched a carrier journey we call ALFA For Life™. In short, this means that we as a company have a desire to create more sustainable solutions and products. This is a never-ending work, which is about all the small and big improvements we can make together to reduce our impact on the environment and climate.

Climbing in repairable hiking boots
Hiking boot with first class full grain leather

As the owner of an ALFA For Life™ product, we promise you

- At least a five-year warranty (with the possibility of extension if the shoes are sent for service after five years).

- All parts of the shoes can be replaced if necessary.

- It will always be more reasonable to repair than to buy new, equivalent shoes.

- Submission for repair should be simple, and most repairs can be carried out within a few days.

The touring shoe that lasts a lifetime

Impact A/P/S GTX - The touring shoe that lasts a lifetime

ALFA's most important contribution to the use-and-throw mentality for now is the Impact A/P/S GTX mountain boot. It is nothing less than the world's first fully repairable GORE-TEX touring shoe. The shoe is handmade, and designed and developed with a unique construction that makes it possible to replace and repair every single part of the shoe. In this way, your best hiking shoes can last a lifetime.

Alfa extended warranty and climate compensation

Extended warranty and climate compensation

In order to be able to offer you good support throughout the life of your new ALFA For Life shoes, we want you to register your product.

When you register your product, we will give the product an extended warranty against manufacturing defects and deficiencies of 5 years! And if the shoes are sent in for a 5-year service after 5 years, we will extend the warranty by an additional 3 years. Upon registration we will send you a reminder about these services and give you other tips to keep your shoes in good condition so that you can use them for many years to come.

Upon registration ALFA will also climate compensate for the production and transport emissions of CO2 from the shoes. 

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Heinen - The skin that does not deceive

German quality leather ensures long life for Impact A/P/S GTX

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Repair and service on Alfa shoes

Service and Repairs

Longevity is the most important environmental contribution of sustainable shoes. To reduce the footprint of the products, ALFA will offer service and repair. Impact A/P/S GTX is the first product where ALFA will offer full service and repair of all parts. This means that together we can make the shoes last almost forever.

Service and repair will be done at shoemaker Våge in Gjøvik. Only original parts will be used in the repair and replaced parts will be recycled.

ALFA For Life products