Andreas Orset

Published: 25 jun, 2018  |  Last updated: 30 jun, 2022

With his young age of 25 years, Andreas has managed to
experience a lot. Almost every morning for over a year, he awoke to the sound
of a water running in a river or birds chirping. Neither the clock nor the
calendar determined the day. Imagine being employed to go for a walk across
Norwegian fjords and mountains! Not only did he test Norwegian high-quality
shoes in their proper element, but in collaboration with Norsk Friluftsliv and
Visit Norway, he also conveyed the joy of walking, beautiful nature and hidden
gems. With a passion for the outdoors, he loves to share and inspire people to
experience great travel moments.

Andreas crossed Norway for over a year as ALFA's
Adventurer. We had a chat with Andreas, to get to know him even better.

What is your favorite place?

Senja, Troms

What is the funniest thing you experienced?

Undoubtedly the "Det Store Småmat" moment at Hallingskravet. It was mid-winter and I was alone far up in the mountains. The traditional local dish småmat was going to be my dinner in the tent. The problem was that the food was deep-frozen in a plastic box and I struggled to
get the lump of ice out. I was sitting about a meter away from the boiler that was already on the petrol burner when the most incredible thing happened. I pressed the box and quite unexpectedly the ice block gained such speed that it flew through the tent. There was silence for what felt like an eternity, but probably lasted no more than a few milliseconds. I followed the lump of ice with my eyes and watched the food fly through the air. I can hardly believe what happened next. The whole thing landed in the pot which balanced on the
cooker. Not a drop of food was spilled, and the pot was amazingly stable on the burner. I could hardly believe my eyes and didn't know whether to scream or laugh. I think I ended up doing both. Then I started thinking about how I could
film this incredible moment, but I realized that I couldn't repeat this moment even if I tried a million times.


What is your proudest moment?

There is a lot of mastery in outdoor life, but I was
probably the proudest when I crossed the finish line at Eidsbugarden in
Jotunheimen after being on tour for 13 months. It was a trip with ups and
downs, good days and not so good days. But the experience was worth it. I
learned so much about myself and saw amazing places along the way.

In the coming years, Andreas will be a “part-time”
Adventurer and spice up everyday life with a good mix of small and large adventures.

Do you have any good tips for those who want to get more out oftheir way?

It is important to make the trip as pleasant as
possible. Christmas lights in the tent all year round. You won't get cosier than
this! Carrying batteries and lights is worth the extra effort.

I remember an evening at Rundemannen. The fog was lower in the terrain and was well lit by the city. With my "Christmas tent" it was almost magical!

Why did you choose ALFA?

I choose ALFA because it is of high quality and good
comfort. It feels safe to put on the ALFA shoes whether I'm going on a long
trip or short evening walks. They provide hiking experiences completely without
having to worry about sore feet.

What is your favorite ALFA product?

Walk King. An all-rounder that works for most things!

Although Andreas has Walk King as his favourite, hedoes not say 'no' to low shoes when they suit the occasion.


Dehydrated food or hamburger?


Leather or textile shoes?

Leather shoes

Sleep in or wake up early?

Get up early

North pole or equator?

The North Pole

A good book or film?

A movie

A trip with Jan Thomas or Lothepus?

Can I bring both?

Lofoten or Jotunheimen?


Tent or open sky?


A long trip or lots of short trips?

Many short trips

Alone or with company?

Together with someone

Facebook or Instagram?