Expeditions using Alfa ski boots

Expeditions are never the same. Some are long, some a bit shorter. Yet they all revolve around the unknown, around the excitement and uncertainty. There is no doubt that adventurers and polar heroes have spent a lot of time on careful planning and preparation for their impressive adventures. They are dependent on good equipment, and we make every effort to deliver shoes that contribute to an even better experience.

Throughout time many of them have chosen Alfa ski boots for their expeditions. 

1990: Erling Kagge and Børge Ousland - First to reach the North Pole unassisted. 
1990: Hallgrim Ødegård, Simen Mørdre and Sjur Mørdre - First to cross the South Pole. 
1992: Simen and Sjur Mørdre - Reach North Pole, and becomes the first to reach both poles.
1993: Erling Kagge - First solo trip to the South Pole.
1994: Børge Ousland - The first to reach the North Pole without replenishments. 
1994: Liv Arnesen - First woman to reach the South Pole solo. 
2000: Rune Gjeldnes - The first to cross both Poles unassisted. 
2000-2001: Rolf Bae and Eirik Sønneland - Overwinter and cross the South Pole without external assistance. Traversed 3800 km.
2006: Rune Gjeldnes - World longest ski trip, 4804 km over the South Pole. 
2006: Cecilie Skog and Rolf Bae - North Pole. Cecilie becomes the first woman ever to reach all "3 poles", including Mount Everest. 
2011: Christian Eide - New South Pole-record. Beat the old record with 15 days, using Alfas touring boots TX30 with GORE-TEX®
2011: Stein P. Aasheim, Vegard Ulvang, Jan-Gunnar Winther and Harald Dag Jølle - First group to take Amundsens route to the South Pole. Arrived the South Pole the same day as Amundsen, 100 years after. 
2011-2012: Aleksander Gamme - Antarctica. 87 days, 2275 km solo. 
2014: Aleksander Gamme - "Project Queen Mauds Land"
2015: Snåsagutan - New world record crossing Greenland, using Alfas touring boots Horizon Dynamic.
2018: Astrid Furholt is the first woman skiing Amundsens route to the South Pole, together with Jan Sverre Sivertsen.


"Alfa is the undisputed champion in providing warmth, comfort, safety and solidity for the feet on the coldest and longest trips. 87 days and 2280 kilometers in Antarctica without a single piece of tape, patch or blister says it all."

- Aleksander Gamme

An old ad for Alfa Ski boots. Translation: "Are you going to defy the forces of nature, you need equipment that does not let you down"

Some of the popular ALFA Expedition models

ALFA Polar A/P/S and Polar Liner


An extremely comfortable expedition boot with an integrated gaiter that is reinforced with Kevlar on exposed areas. The boot has been developed specifically for expeditions and long journeys on skis in extremely cold conditions. Polar A/P/S also has a specially developed last that ensures you have room for liner. It also has extra insulation within the sole. The boot has been used on a wide range of expeditions, both to the North and South Poles, however, it is also suitable for simpler expeditions in cold conditions.

ALFA Polar Advance GTX


A comfortable and very warm ski boot that is perfect for the adventurer who will not let extreme cold put a stop to their expedition. The boot features a water repellent Cordura upper with exterior leather reinforcements for added protection and support. The midsole has been manufactured with special rubber that allows it to withstand extreme conditions without cracking. This model is built around a total concept for footwear at low temperatures. The concept consists of a thin polypropylene/nylon sock over the foot, then a vapor barrier or vapor tight sock and finally a wool inner boot or synthetic liner.