Une Cecilie Oksvold

Une Cecilie is nearly 28 and comes from Brekstad. Trips for her are
about mastery and seeking to tackle the anxiety she has dealt with for many

For Une Cecilie it was previously unthinkable to go out into nature of her own
freewill, ‘but when the doctor advised it as a last resort, it became a type of
prescription to keep my head above the water’.

Today, fresh air is a natural part of her everyday life.

Let's get to know her
Cecilie on tour

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What do you like to do best?

Short walks in the countryside with time to ‘just be’ are the best I
know. Especially when the minus degrees settle over the marshes and forests,
freezing the ground and requiring extra layers. I also won't say ‘no’ to a good
fire or a camping trip with my four-legged friend, Juster, who is a
six-year-old Jack Russell terrier.


Which trips do you remember best?

As I am a newcomer to the great outdoors, I do not have
the longest or most rugged trips behind me. But one of the trips on which I
challenged myself the most was a five-day trip in Møysalen National Park. It
was my first long trip, where I was challenged both to carry heavy things, to
walk far, and to get to know both my own body and my own mind in a completely
new way. After that trip, I was proud of everything I managed even with the
anxiety in my backpack, and I learned many lessons that I took with me on new

Trips with ALFA?

Three days in ‘Kids Nature World’ – I tested the new Impact shoes, and
I’ve never had such dry and warm feet, and no blisters!


What is your favorite destination?

I don’t compete, and am no polar explorer, but I am very happy to be
close to nature. Trøndelag is one of my favourite places, and it’s there I’ve
been on most of my trips.


What is the funniest thing you experienced?

I had my very first tent trip in the summer of 2016. At
the time I didn't own anything when it came to hiking equipment, and was able
to borrow everything I needed; a rucksack, sleeping mat and, of course, a tent.
I took my partner with me on the trip, as I didn't dare to go alone. When we
had gone up the mountain in Surnadal, a good distance from the car, we found a
fantastically nice tent pitch. I was really looking forward to setting up the
tent and living out the dream I had had for quite some time. It would then turn
out that we were missing a tent pole and had to provisionally nail a branch
that could hold the tent properly in place. Since then, I have always checked
the equipment before I go out on a trip!


I am afraid of many things on a trip, such as getting
cold or being alone in the dark. For me I need to take a string of lights for
the tent when staying overnight, and not least a good hot water bottle that you
can take with you in your sleeping bag. It makes a big difference!

Ambitions for future years?

Continue to challenge myself on what I fear. Among other
things, becoming confident about sleeping outside in winter as it requires more
than in summer. I also want to practise taking longer trips than just an
overnight stay, in order to constantly push my own limits and grow as an
outdoor enthusiast.


I choose ALFA because their products are comfortable,
durable and withstand a lot of use. I often get lost in marshes and thickets,
and with ALFA the shoes stay both dry and whole. I also walk a lot in the
mountains, and with a heavy rucksack and an eager dog it is not always easy to
keep my balance. ALFA has one of the best soles I have tried, and with them I
dare to walk such trails as I am guaranteed a good grip!

What is your favorite ALFA product?

Without doubt the new Impact shoes!


Dehydrated food or hamburger?

Veggie burger!

Leather or textile shoes?

Leather shoes

Sleep in or wake up early?

Sleep in

North pole or equator?


A good book or film?

A good book

A trip with Jan Thomas or Lothepus?

Jan Thomas

Lofoten or Jotunheimen?


Tent or open sky?


A long trip or lots of short trips?

Lots of short trips

Alone or with company?

Preferably with company, but sometimes alone.

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