Warranty Returns

Below you will find information on the warranty and returns policy on ALFA’s products and how to return a product when faulty.

What is the warranty on ALFA’s products?

Under the consumer act, all of our products sold to the consumer market come with a 2-year warranty against production and materials defects in accordance with the Purchase act.

The Alfa for Life shoe, Impact A/P/S GTX is a product especially designed to last, and with this shoe you will recieve a warranty that is extended to a full 5 + 3 years covering manufacturing and material defects.

The guarantee is valid for 5 years, and after 5 years of use it can be extended for a further 3 years if the shoe is sent to Alfa for a warranty service where the shoes are examined and worn out parts are replaced. Every single order of impact A/P/S GTX will automatically receive an offer of warranty service from ALFA after 5 years. Current rates for warranty service and repairs are available at www.alfaoutdoor.com

ALFA’s warranty applies only if the product is treated in accordance with our recommendations for use and maintenance, and will not cover damage caused by normal wear, cuts, accidents, misuse, chemicals, contamination, hydrolysis or natural breakdown of colors.

If an error in a product occurs due to manufacturing defect, if possible, will be repaired. In cases where this is not possible, the product will be replaced with a new pair.

Damage not covered by the warranty may in some cases be repaired for a fee. All defects on the ALFA for Life shoe, Impact A/P/S GTX can be repaired if the shoe is otherwise not worn out. Current prices for repairs will be available at www.alfaoutdoor.com

How do I submit a warranty return?

If you experience any errors or defects in a product purchased in our online store, please contact us at [email protected] and you will receive more information on how to return an item. Remember to include the order number and an explanation of the error/defect already in the first email so that we can help you quickly. In the event of a complaint, the item must be cleaned before returning to ALFA.

Please note that complaints about ALFA products purchased through one of our dealers should NOT be sent directly to us. In this case, contact the outlet you purchased the items from and bring your receipt or other documentation of the purchase.

What rights do I have?

Provided there is a defect in the product, by no fault of the consumer, or circumstances caused by the consumer, the consumer (in accordance with the Consumer Purchase Act (FKL) has the right to :

  • Choose between rectification and redelivery in accordance to FKL. §29 and §30
  • Require price reduction according to FKL. §31
  • Require a cancellation according to FKL. §32 If the defect is not insignificant and or :
  • Claim compensation according to FKL. §33 if the consumer has suffered financial loss as a result of the product having a deficiency.