Heinen - The leather that never decieves you.

Heinen - The leather that never decieves you.

Heinen leather factory is a family run tannery from 1891 located in Wegberg, Germany

Heinen produces leather from local animals, they utilize surplus material in other products, reuse their water and have full control over their emissions. The leather in Impact A / P / S GTX is manufactured under the TerraCare® standard which means you can be sure that the leather is manufactured in the most environmentally friendly way in terms of animal welfare and working conditions.


Heinen has been making quality leather for over 100 years. Hand crafted to ensure the highest possible quality, material utilization and proper conditions for the animals.
terracare® standard places high demands for environment, animal welfare and working conditions.


Even though the leather is of high quality it's still important to keep up with the maintenance,

The leather in Impact A / P / S GTX molds with foot, has good breathing properties and wears nicely. The leather has been treated with a thin layer of wax at the tannery. The shoes come equipped with a cloth and a small bottle of wax of the same type that the shoe was originally treated. during use, the leather in the shoes will dry out. On the hike or in the forest by branches and such, scratches or sores in the leather may also occur.

When the shoe gets a little duller you can take a small amount of wax on the cloth and work it into the leather. If you quickly lubricate the shoes you will get a matte surface, but if you work a little with the wax you will bring out the shine in the leather and restore the good properties of the leather. The wax protects and impregnates the leather.


Impact A/P/S GTX comes equipped with a cloth for maintenance and a shoebag.

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