Save over time with a sustainable choice

Save over time with a sustainable choice


Today it's vital for us to change the trends by replacing our fast fashion habits with quality choices, focusing our attention towards products with longer lifespans. Which in turn means we have to take better care of our clothes/shoes and not throw them out too early.

Many of us are already beginning to change the way we think. But we are easily drawn into all the sales, two for one, half price and so on.

There are still many businesses placing all their focus on volume, which in turn leads to hyper consumption. Creating products with higher quality and lifespan is the most important contribute towards a more sustainable textile and sporting goods industry.

Even though sustainability and environmental issues have been in our minds for some time now, only the last few years have shown changes in most of us. Last year we were shown some large numbers that shocked us, and made us look at our habits differently.

ALFA has always produced shoes with high quality and lifespan. As part of our work towards a more sustainable future we wanted to take this a bit further by introducing a new shoe, constructed in a way that every part of the shoe can be repaired when worn out. Giving the shoes an 'eternal life'.

We called this shoe Impact A/P/S GTX

The shoe recieved a lot of positive feedback from consumers and testers, and we have also received some questions regarding how sustainable is it to repair shoes compaired to replacing the whole shoe. And whether there's any money to be saved.

Today there' s a lot of focus on cutting emissions, improving quality and reusing materials. Something it really should be.

Most of us have started becoming more aware of our choices on behalf of the environment, but not everyone has considered the changes in cost of the products that are sustainable. A sustainable purchase should be seen as an investment rather than a consumption.

The goals with sustainable products is that throughout their lifespan they present a far lower carbon footprint than the latter. Products with higher quality and the option to repair will automatically have a longer lifespan and thus reducing carbon footprint by a milestone

However, producing products with high quality and a construction made to last will in most cases be more costly. The longer lifespan will be more reasonable over time when compaired with products with shorter lifespans where you have to replace the whole product more frequently. Which means, buying sustainable products with a longer lifespan is an investment in the environment and your wallet.

The best thing about Impact A/P/S GTX is the fact that you will gain over time by reducing your carbon footprint and lowering your cost throughout the product's cycle. We have set forward a little calculation showing just how much you can save over time by investing a little extra in Impact A/P/S GTX. We made the comparison with some of our other products along with textile and running shoes

We hope this makes your choice a little easier by showing you just how much you can save over time by choosing sustainability.

The numbers below are only a cut out of a larger calculation where you can see the differences in NOK and Co2 emissions over a 30 year period.


Se the whole calculation here (Norwegian)


The launch of Impact A/P/S GTX is an important step towards a larger vision regarding the organisations long term sustainable strategy ALFA FOR LIFE™ .

ALFA FOR LIFE™ was created by the organisation to focus on sustainabilty and create good solutions which can contribute to reduce hyper consumption.