Hiking shoes for women

Hiking shoes for women


      Comfortable hiking shoes that take you safely through both big and small challenges, from day trips to berry picking and resting the dog.

      Stable and durable hiking shoes

      For generations, we've been actively creating hiking shoes and boots that you can wear year after year. Our hiking footwear stand out for their durability while being comfortable from the first trip.

      ALFA gives you great performance and keeps your feet warm and dry, whether you're on the ski trail, hiking or hunting. That's why we recommend our shoes for men who expect quality and a loyal travel companion.

      Should I choose hiking shoes or boots?

      In our range, you will find shoes that are adapted for men with different purposes and needs. Whether it's low and lightweight hiking shoes, mid-height mountain boots or extra-high hunting boots. The difference between the models is, among other things, how much support they provide around the ankles and how much they protect against water. Not sure what to choose? See our guide to finding the right footwear for your needs. Don't be afraid to contact us if you have any questions related to ALFA hiking shoes for men!

      Below you will find an overview of the different models we offer. Click through to learn more about them and find the perfect pair for you.