Upgrade you skiing with ski boots crafted by Norwegian nature. The GORE-TEX provides a breathable lining keeping your feet dry and warm. Made for Rottefella's NNN Binding. Click here to see all crosscountry ski boots for men or crosscountry ski boots for women


    Which XC ski boots should I choose?

    There are many different ski boots with different properties, so it is important that you choose a boot that best suits you and your needs.

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    How ski boots with GORE-TEX® will revolutionise your ski experience

    During the cold winter breathability through Gore-Tex might not seem as necessary as during the warmer months. However the Gore-Tex membran will keep your feet dry and warm and will change your crosscountry experience.

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    Classic ski boot line with new innovative GORE-TEX material

    The newly developed top model for competition.

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