AK Glück-Teigland

Published 30th of march 2022, last updated 26th of january 2023

My name is
Arne-Kristian Glück-Teigland, my friends call me AK. I grew up on a farm in
Øystese in Hardanger. I started being interested in the outdoor life early on
through trips with my father in jeans and working boots and was taught how to
sleep in wet sleeping bags. I was also influenced by the tough farmers of the
neighbourhood. I like being challenged.

Pulling a sled has
something artistical beautiful about it and it really speaks to my soul.

There is nothing better
than skiing fast and going as hard as you can for a long time without getting too
exhausted. Nature is beautiful, but even more beautiful if you are a little
tired. Nature is the best arena for experiencing happiness from moving your

Pulling a sled has something beautiful about it and really speaks to my soul.

There is nothing better than skiing fast and going as hard as you can for a long time without getting too exhausted. Nature is beautiful, but even more beautiful if you are a little tired after pushing yourself. Nature is the best arena for experiencing happiness from moving your body.

Where in the world are you?

I am the operator
of Fagerheim mountain hut on Hardangervidda. This is the place on the plateau
where east meets west. Old transport trailers regularly pass through the yard
here. Here, we wish to offer an arena for simple outdoor life and real
experiences at the intersection of nature and culture. There are a number of
bookings in the works, and I need to highlight the Fjellfest in June and Polar
Festival in September. We also have an amazing kitchen and the chef and hostess
that will dazzle you with their dishes and services.

How would you describe yourself?

I am quiet by
nature and believe that stability equals stagnation. I like it best when there
is change and energy. Security is best when it is challenged by a little
exploration and unpredictability. Do things that you will remember and be
generous with those around you. What I like best is when there is a community
that works together towards a goal.

How would your friends describe you?

Stubborn, determined, tenacious, gracious.

Who is your role model?

A role model comes
in many shapes and forms. I am generally drawn to people who have different
characteristics and abilities than myself. And especially if they are really committed
to their dreams and hobbies. That is something no one can take away from you.

Car mechanics, botanists

Your soundtrack?

I get hyped to cool electronic beats.

Summer or winter?

All seasons have
their own qualities. I like extremes and breaking points. Winter is at its most
beautiful when it is at its coldest. At the same time, running around almost
naked on the mountaintop on a summer day represents ultimate freedom to me.

Where can we find you right now?

Right now, I'm at
Fagerheim getting ready for the opening on 1 April. It has been closed here for
over a year and there are still a number of things to do before we open the
doors and people who want recreation on the high mountain will come in.

Where do you wish you were right now?

No other place. You
should enjoy the place you are in and be present there.

What are your best qualities on a trip?

I think I am quite
persistent so I can enjoy nature for a long time.

and the worst?

I have little
patience with bloggers who are more concerned with mockery and showing off than
being on a trip.

Are there any trips you remember fondly?

It is probably especially the trips where me and the group have a joint goal and work together
to achieve these goals step by step. The Gutaturane from the west to the east in
2014, 2017 and 2021 was special, because we saw the whole project unfold before
is. To honor the constitution, relive Nansen and pay tribute to Queen Sonja.

And the extreme.
The cold hikes on the open fields when you can feel the temperature being below 30 degrees cold in the marshes, as well as when you can plunge into a mountain lake on a long hike.

Do you have a favourite destination?

Stølen Kjerringadalen is probably a hotspot for good outdoor experiences. One often
has a love for the oldest memory. Otherwise, Manfjell at home in Hardanger is a
place I never get tired of. Grey, cold and barren mountains with many good
hiking memories. And not least the Hallingskarvet - this beast between east and
west. Walking from Finse to Geilo on top of Skarvet with 78-year-old men is a
joy that many should experience!

Do you have a funny story from a trip, or are they mostly pain-free?

I have countless memories of how everything has gone wrong. Solid hybris on the Expedition
Amundsen in 2013 when Murphy's law struck early. A headlight that struck led to incorrect navigation and a fall, a broken sled and a broken ski under the sled, as well as a pole break. Reached the finish line with shabby equipment and shattered self-confidence.

Have you ever been afraid on a trip? What did you learn from it?

I don't get scared easily, but I focus and buckle up. So I know, there is always a Plan B and a
way out.

How important is gallow humour for you?

Black humor, gallows
humor, humor. All of these are good sources of energy!

Who is the boss? You or nature?

It's nice to challenge the forces and get a feel for it, but the principle that nature
always wins stands firm.

What is best about being out in nature?

Letting yourself be filled up by nature on a trip. Build capacity, master, delight your eyes and
body. It is a feeling that you will never be able to fully and perfectly understand.

Do you think about the environment when you're in nature?

It is not a good
idea to let it go. But the dark sides and global effects are something that can’t
outshine the beauty of nature when I am on tour.

What is your motto?

Pain moves you.

What are your ambitions for the coming years?

South Pole 2022 -
to complete the dream and plans for Nansen from the stone arch on Frans Josefs
Land in 1895. Together with my friend Kjartan Bergsvåg, we will make history in
respect to Nansen as a historical character, ahead of us  lay 1140 km to the South Pole.

We have to ask: why did you choose ALFA?

It stands for something real and honest. Decent things made to last. There is so much nonsense in the world that I appreciate things that work. Thank you for making proper products.

What is your favourite ALFA shoe?

ALFA Polar. One hell of a shoe.