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Check out our amazing ALFA ambassadors, exploring the Norwegian nature and beyond

Cecilie Skog

Cecilie is known for her expeditions and presence on Norwegian TV. She is a trained nurse. She has many years of experience in mountain and glacier guiding. She is the first woman to reach Mount Everest, the North Pole and the South Pole in 2004.

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AK Glück-Teigland

Arne-Kristian Glück-Teigland, grew up on a farm in Øystese in Hardanger. He gained an early interest in outdoor life through his adventures in jeans and hiking boots with his father and in the scouts he learned to sleep in a wet sleeping bag.

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Andreas Orset

Andreas traveled through Norway for over 1 year as ALFA's adventurer. He not only tested Norwegian high-quality shoes in his right element, but in collaboration with Norsk Friluftsliv and Visit Norway, he also conveyed the joy of hiking, beautiful nature and hidden gems. With a passion for nature, he loves to share and inspire people to experience fantastic hiking moments

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Une Cecilie Oksvold

Une Cecilie is soon 28 and for many years she has suffered from anxiety. In the past, it was completely unthinkable for Une Cecilie to go out into nature on her own, but when her doctor suggested it as a last resort, it became a kind of green recipe to keep her head above water. Today, outdoor life is a natural part of her everyday life.

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Moa Hundseid

I love my lifestyle. Without a permanent job and obligations, one day I can be up on the mountain at home in my village, and then the next day be on my way to Canada, Nepal, Russia, Alaska, or Chile, for example. Climbing high mountains or hiking among predators involves risks and you can end up in dangerous situations, but that is exactly what takes you closer to nature and closer to yourself.

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Anne Moen

Anne hates losing and demands a lot of herself. On her travels, she likes to think that she always include everyone and she wants everyone to have a pleasant travel experience. She likes new challenges, but can get temperamental if she does not succeed on the first try.

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Even Sverdrup

Even is a nature-loving and thrill-seeking adventurer who offers fantastic expeditions, varied outdoor activities and buckets filled with positive energy! He has traveled across Alaska, crossed Iceland with a self-modified Jeep, challenged the forces of nature on Svalbard and climbed Aconcagua alone.

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Jannicke Øien

Jannicke works as a wilderness guide together with Lars Monsen. In addition to climbing high mountains abroad, Jannicke also likes to move over large areas with the dog Ravn in the summer, and this often includes paddling in rivers with packraft.

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Elias & Kajsa

Elias and Kajsa are a Norwegian couple who live as full-time content producers and travel around the world.

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Thomas Lone

Thomas Lone made history when he climbed Mount Everest in 2019 and became the youngest Norwegian ever to complete "The Seven Summits" the following year. In parallel with that achievement, he completed full-time studies to become a civil engineer.

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