SINCE 1931

Since 1931, Norwegians have put their trust in our shoes - no matter the distance, terrain, or weather. Our goal is to develop the best shoes possible by combining high technical quality with maximum comfort. We focus on you, the user, in product development. The result: award winning footwear for all your outdoor activities.


There are different ways of moving, with varying terrains and conditions. It requires footwear with specifially tailored functions and technical characteristics, and therefore an individual approach to how each shoe is developed.

Our shoes have been to both poles, and on the highest peaks of the world. We apply the feedback from expeditions down to our most casual shoes. With continuous feedback from our users, each shoe is developed and readjusted to perfection. This is the legacy that lives on in every ALFA shoe.


We never sacrifice quality

All our shoes have specially designed soles with a rubber compound that gives you the grip you need, in both wet and dry conditions. We always strive for the right balance between stability and flexibility in our footwear.

Better materials, not more shoes

We're always thinking about sustainability and reducing over-consumption. That's why we choose our materials carefully. We always choose quality from certified partners with a sustainability focus, so that the shoes can withstand years of use with the smallest possible carbon footprint.

By launching the world's first fully repairable GORE-TEX hiking shoe, Impact A/P/S GTX, we are now one step further ahead on our sustainability journey.

Hike to a DNT cabin in Alfa shoes