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Hiking Boots guide

Which Hiking Boots should I choose?

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What are the benefits of a good pair of hiking boots? In this article, we'll tell you everything you need to know about hiking boots and help you find the right boot for your needs. It is very important to find the right boots, since they are the difference between warm or frozen feet, dry or wet feet, a sprain or other injuries or not. For long hikes, these factors can be life-changing.
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When should I choose my hiking boots?

With a wide range of multifunctional shoes and boots on the market, there is more of a spectrum than clear categories between different footwear. At ALFA we have the categories: low shoes, mid-height shoes, high boots and extra high boots (hunting boots).

In a nutshell, you should choose hiking boots when you go off-trail, with heavy packing and when you need extra protection against moisture and cold. Our hiking boots are made to be comfortable from the very first step and made of solid materials that last. But they vary in the degree of support, stiffness, water resistance, insulation and fit.


Because boots have higher shafts than shoes, you can carry heavier packs and walk off trails or in mountains with less risk of twisting your foot or worse.

The Juvass A/P/S GTX is an extra stiff model specifically designed for summit tours, but less suitable for long hikes. The Eggi Advance GTX, on the other hand, is a relatively short boot that works great for long hikes.

Water resistance

Although all our shoes have GORE-TEX, water can be absorbed by the outer material and travel up the shoes. But the longer the shaft, the longer it takes. If you're looking for a particularly water-resistant boot, our Rype A/P/S GTX and Jerpe A/PS/ GTX hunting boots are lightweight boots with extra high shafts and work great for hiking.

Which material is the best?

Our boots are available in two materials, leather and AlfaAir™. Our leather boots are durable and aim to provide insulation and stability. They work well for all seasons. If you take good care and maintain the material, leather boots will last for many years to come. AlfaAir™ is an innovative material with low weight and requires very little maintenance, you just need to rinse them off after use. Boots with AlfaAir™ provide better breathability than leather and are very suitable for spring, summer and autumn.

Hiking boots for men, women and kids

Well-fitting shoes are important for comfort, that's why we have boots with different fits. As a rule, our boots are slightly wider in the toe box to fit Nordic feet. Our classic models Walk King/Queen have a wide fit while the Holt A/P/S GTX has a narrow fit. All models are available in women's and men's or unisex. We also have durable hiking boots for children, with easy lacing to simplify taking them on and off. Of course also with GORE-TEX to keep feet dry and warm.

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