Hunting with Alfa hunting boots in the mountains



Which hunting boots should I choose?

There are many different forms of hunting with various demands for the equipment. We make hunting boots for different types so continue reading to find the right for you!

All ALFA hunting boots have a similar "foundation", with the exception of the M/77. The shoes have wide fit which provides better blood circulation and heat regulation. ALFA has been working together with the sole supplier Vibram for more than 50 years. Together we have created a unique rubber compound with a rough pattern for extra grip on wet or soft terrain. The GORE-TEX membrane makes the boots waterproof and breathable. For extra durability, we have full and partial galoshing on the boots.

AlfaAir™ or leather?

We use two different outer materials for the hunting boots: AlfaAir™ and full-grain leather. If you choose the AlfaAir™ material, you get a lightweight boot with excellent breathability, that requires almost no care besides some water and occasional brushing to keep the boots clean. If you decide on full-grain leather, you get good protection due to the thickness of the leather, better insulation and stability. Well-maintained leather boots feel more robust in wet terrain. Read more about the different outer materials here.

Here is an overview of our models:

Jerv A/P/S GTX

The tallest hunting boot in our range - our go-to when hunting in demanding conditions. The height of the shaft provides extra stability and the thickness of the leather ensures good insulation. Triple seams, one of which reinforced with Kevlar, and full galoshes make the shoe extra durable. This is the boot for demanding walks and hunting in marshland and dense vegetation.

Read more about the jerv a/p/s gtx

Jerpe A/P/S GTX

Jerpe A/P/S GTX is the "7-mile" boot; an atheltic shoe with a high shaft. The AlfaAir™ material makes the boot lightweight so you can go far and move around. The BOA system gives the boots stability and allows you to gradually adjust them to your feet. The fit is a bit narrower than ALFA's other hunting boots, but still a normal fit. The sole is slightly thinner than on other hunting boots, so you have good contact with the ground.

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Rype A/P/S GTX

Rype A/P/S GTX is the best of both worlds; the fit from Bever Perform GTX in combination with the lightweight and maintenance-free Alfa Air™ material. Rype A/P/S GTX is less stable than that our other hunting boots, but still provides good support.

read more about the rype A/p/s gtx

Bever Pro Advance 2.0 GTX

Beaver Pro Advance 2.0 GTX is our most stable and durable hunting boot with a braced sole, heel and shaft. This is a hunting boot in full grain leather, with a galosh and triple seams, one of which is reinforced with Kevlar.

read more about the bever pro advance 2.0 gtx

Bever Perform GTX

Bever Perform GTX is our original hunting boot in full grain leather. It has triple seams, one of which is reinforced with Kevlar. Heel and toe alignment provides increased durability. The boot is available in three different models; unisex, female and wide. Bever Perform GTX is Norway's best-selling technical hunting boot.

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This marching boot was developed in cooperation with the Norwegian Armed Forces in 1976. The M/77 boot is made of full grain leather with a spacious fit. It is unlined, dries quickly and keeps your feet dry.

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Stay warm when posting.

ALFA hunting boots are intended for walking. If you are going to be posting, it is good - and often absolutely necessary to have extra protection against the cold. The ALFA Overboot is lightweight, protective and designed for very cold conditions. Fleece lining, taped seams and insulating outsole ensure warm comfort and good grip on snow. They can easily be taken on and off, rolled up and stored away in the backpack. We recommend going up 2-3 sizes.



Make use of the lacing system to ensure good blood circulation and aeration. If you sit at the post or have a lunch break, loosen your shoes, so your feet stay warm for longer. Consider buying the boots in a larger size so you can fit a good pair of socks (or two). If you are going to have only one hunting boot, we recommend that you buy a leather boot, as it gives you the best insulation and support.


Proper care and maintenance is important for your hunting boots to stay dry and nice over time. If you are going to wear the boots for several days, drying and airing is important. Ideally, wet boots should be allowed to dry for least 24 hours before being used again, especially to avoid any odors coming from the synthetic AlfaAir™ material. If you are on the hunt for several days, consider having an extra set of boots. Below you will find maintenance guides for full-grain leather and AlfaAir™.

Maintenance of Alfa Air™

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Maintenance of full grain leather

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Hunting boots can be worn all year round and are not limited to hunting. On some mountain and summit hikes, extra support may be needed, or perhaps you have an injury that makes you need increased stability in a shoe. With various activities there are different demands to the boots, so keep this in mind when selecting your boots. The most important thing is to find hunting boots that fit you well.

Good luck hunting!