For over 30 years, Norwegian hunters have chosen our hunting boots. Together we have developed and improved the shoes, adapted them to the various types of terrain and types of hunting. With the quality assurance from our users, we invite hunters from all around the world to realize the quality and funcionality of ALFA hunting boots - whether you need something light and quick, stable and heavy-duty, warm and comfortable, or a bit of everything.



Part of the fun of hunting isocilalizing - a time to get away in nature, talking about anything and everything for hours and recharging your battery. But being out in the wild can also be challenging, when staying focused with a sharp gaze for hours in demanding terrain. For that you need equipment you can trust. A good hunting boot should keep your feet dry, warm and comfortable, so that you can enjoy the experience and stay fully focused on the hunt. Here you will find our best hunting shoes, with exceptional quality and technical build-up.

You can’t try this boot on without mentioning the remarkable comfort. The Jerv A/P/S GTX is a boot with extra shaft height. It is therefore a great choice for long walks in marshy terrain, when you need a lot of stability. The shaft is not as stiff as the Bever Pro, but the height still provides the stability needed, while maintaining the comfort, due to the implementation of Memoryfoam. Jerv offers the finest of materials and only the very best quality.


Our latest invention, the Jerpe A/P/S GTX with BOA®, allows you to quickly and easily adjust the lacing to your activity level and terrain. The boots are super-lightweight and virtually maintenance-free. With gear you can trust, the hunt itself is all you have to worry about.

What's unique about the Bever Pro 2.0 is the ratio between the low weight and stability of the boots. An incredibly good all-rounder that is just as suitable for long days out hunting, as it is for hiking trips with the family. There is no downside to using the boot for mountain hiking, too. Because of the extra stiff shaft, they are suitable for both steep terrain and hiking with a heavy backpack or child carrier and provide you with extra stability.

Autumn hunting in the mountains