Maintenance of Alfa shoes outside the cabin

Maintenance of Nubuck leather boots

Proper care and maintenance is important for your Alfa boots to stay dry and clean over time. Real leather is like an extra layer of skin, a natural raw material that needs care to maintain quality. Dirt and moisture have little effect on well-kept boots. Here you will get a thorough introduction to how to take good care of your ALFA boots.

maintenance kit
Which maintenance products do I need?

With ALFA's nubuck and suede leather maintenance kit, you get all the products you need to maintain your shoes so that you get good hiking experiences regardless of the weather for many years to come

Airing after each long trip

The insoles absorb a lot of the moisture and dry faster when taken out of the boot. They should therefore be removed after each long trip so that the boots are allowed to air out properly and dry up well. This is especially important to keep in mind for multi-day hikes. In an ideal world, a leather boot should be allowed to dry for at least 24 hours before being used again.


Never put away dirty boots. If you are going to wash, brush or impregnate the boots, you should also remove the laces so that you can get to the material underneath them. When the insoles and laces are removed, clean off the dirt. Generally, brushing with ALFA Nubuck brush and cleaning under running lukewarm water and some dish soap will be enough. For particularly dirty boots use the Alfa Clean & Refresh shoe cleaning spray to effectively remove stains and dirt.

1. Remove the majority of the dirt with a damp cloth.

2. Shake the bottle and spray evenly on the shoes or boots.

3. Use a damp cloth to remove the remaining dirt.

4. If necessary, rinse under the tap and dry your shoes or boots off with a cloth.

5. Repeat the steps if necessary and then impregnate the shoes afterwards.

The outer material of the cleaned shoes has more open pores and will absorb water more easily. Thus, your shoes or boots need to be impregnated to keep your feet dry.


If you cleaned your shoes with water, they need to dry well before any further treatment. It's best to leave them out at room temperature for 24 hours. If you washed the inside, you can fill your shoes with newspaper for 30 minutes first to absorb the majority of the moisture. Your shoes do not withstand heat and we recommend not going above 37 degrees when drying your shoes. Never place your boots on a radiator, near the oven or any other heat source. Wet leather can easily be damaged by excessive drying; it becomes brittle and shrinks, often resulting in cracks in exposed areas.


We recommend using grease specifically designed for nubuck leather that does not spoil the special appearance of the leather. The care products is more liquid and are less likely to clog the skin than creams with a higher wax content. You can use a cloth to apply the product.
Vigorous brushing generates heat, which helps with the absorption of the cream into the leather. Use the ALFA Nubuck Brush with its stiff bristels to freshen up the nubuck leather so it regains its suede appearance.


The ALFA Protection and Waterproofing Spray protect your shoes and boots from water and dirt. Our unique technology mimics nature, like a leaf that is water-repellent. The products are both biodegradable, kind to nature, and can easily be applied.

1. Clean the shoes or boots.

2. Shake the bottle well.

3. Spray the impregnation all over the shoes or boots.

4. Wipe off any excess impregnation product with a cloth.

5. The boots should dry for 24 hours for the best effect.

With proper maintenance, the leather becomes significantly less susceptible to any dirt sticking to the material. Furthermore, the impregnation protects against tears and damages to the leather.

Proper maintenance and care of Alfa shoes

How often should I treat my shoes or boots?

How often you have to impregnate and maintain your boots depends on how much you wear them. If you see that the boots begin to draw water (dark spots) in certain parts, it is time for a new impregnation. Before longer trips or before hunting, it is important that the boots receive a full treatment. With proper impregnation the water should drip off the shoes or boots. You can apply shoe polish as often as desired. The right maintenance can significantly extend the lifespan of your boots.

Storing your shoes

Store your shoes in a dry and well-aired place, where it's not too hot. Never keep your wet shoes in damp rooms or in the car, to prevent mold, discolouration and, not least, bad odours. Do not store your boots on heated floors with underheating, as this dries out the rubber and shortens the lifespan of the sole, as well as making the soles lose their grip.

With regular care, the leather boots will accompany you on many hikes!

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