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How to take care of your
ALFA wool shoes

Proper care and maintenance are important for your ALFA shoes, as dirt and moisture have less effect on well-maintained shoes. Here you will get a thorough introduction to how to take good care of your shoes.

Maintenance kit
What maintenance products do I need?

With Alfa's wool maintenance kit, you get all the products you need to maintain your shoes to have great hiking experiences regardless of the weather, for many years to come

Enjoying the winter wheather Enjoying the winter wheather

How often should I treat my shoes?

How often you have to impregnate the shoes depends on how much you use them, but generally wool does not have to be impregnated very often, since the lanolin in the material acts as impregnation.

Airing your shoes after every long trip

The insoles absorb a lot of moisture and dry faster taken out of the boot. They should therefore be removed regularly so that the boot can vent properly and dry up well.

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Step 1

Cleaning wool shoes

Never put away dirty shoes. If you need to wash, brush or impregnate the shoes, also remove the laces to get to the material underneath. When the insoles and laces are removed, you can clean the dirt off the outer material. Generally, brushing with ALFA brush and cleaning under running lukewarm water will be enough. For extra dirty boots use the ALFA cleaning spray, which removes stains and dirt.

Cleaning instructions with Alfa Clean & Refresh Spray:

1. Remove loose dirt with a damp cloth.

2. Shake the bottle and spray evenly onto the shoes.

3. Use a damp cloth to clean off the rest of the dirt.

4. If necessary, rinse under running lukewarm water.

5. Repeat these steps if necessary. Then let the shoes dry well.

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Step 2

Drying of shoes and boots

If you had to clean your shoes under running water, they must dry well before any further treatment. The best thing is to leave them out at room temperature for 24 hours. If you washed them inside, you can fill the shoes with newspaper for 30 minutes first, to absorb most of the moisture. Your shoes do not withstand heat and we recommend not going above 37 degrees when drying your shoes. Never place your boots on a radiator, near the oven or any other heat source. The materials are easily damaged by excessive heat and can shrink and lose or change shape.

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step 3

Impregnation of wool boots

All our wool boots are untreated. That's because the lanolin in the wool acts as impregnation on it own. But after time, it is important to impregnante the shoes again to protect the wool.
The Alfa shoe impregnation -spray is effective in impregnating and protecting your shoes and boots from water and dirt. Our unique technology mimics nature's own chemistry, like a leaf that is water-repellent, and is biodegradable, kind to nature, and can be applied indoors without problems. The impregnation is PFC-free, and the bottle can be recycled.

Instructions with the ALFA shoe impregnation spray

1. Clean the shoe from any dirt.

2. Shake the bottle well.

3. Evenly spray the product onto your shoes or boots.

4. Wipe any excess spray off with a cloth.

5. The boots should dry for 24 hours before using them again for maximum effect. With proper maintenance dirt will stick significantly less to the wool.

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Step 4

How often should I treat my wool boots?

How often you have to impregnate your shoes depend on how much you use them, but generally wool does not have to be impregnated very often. This is because the lanolin in the wool acts as natural impregnation.

Storing your boots

Store your shoes in a dry and well-circulated place with air, but not too hot. Never store your wet shoes in damp rooms or in the car to avoid mold, discoloration and not least bad odors occuring. Do not store your boots on heated floors. The rubber dries out, which shortens the lifespan of the sole.

With regular care, the shoes will last you a long time!

Enjoying the sun outside in Alfa wool shoesEnjoying the sun outside in Alfa wool shoes