Our Heritage

We proudly carry an important piece of the Norwegian trekking and mountaineering heritage on our back, yet we believe the adventure has only just begun.

With roots back to 1931, Alfa is one of Norway's oldest shoe manufacturers still in business. Since then, we have served quality conscious customers who are unwilling to compromise their standards. During these 90 years, we have participated in thousands of large and small expeditions: From school teams' cross-country skiing competitions to daring adventures, exotic climbs and extreme expeditions in the biting cold, across desolated winter landscapes. Our products have ascended the Seven Summits and crossed Greenland and both Poles countless times.

Quality and function is the foundation of our brand. Throughout our 90 years, we have offered products of craftsmanship and quality to keep your feet dry and warm – regardless whether you are skiing on a lighted cross-country track, ascending mountains or out hunting with your peers. Over the years, we have grown to become a highly regarded friend to outdoor enthusiasts in Norway and beyond, and we are currently expanding our horizon further.

Alfa's history is long and proud, but our eyes are on the future. With an uncompromised belief that great boots leads to great outdoor experiences, our focus is to provide boots of unrivaled quality. Our innovative product development has challenged the established standards throughout the years and we continue our progress of combining modern technology and materials in new and unique ways. We believe this is how to create excellent products of unmatched quality!

The journey from a traditional shoe factory, to a modern supplier, to the sporting goods market is full of twists and turns. As an important contributor to the Norwegian trekking and mountaineering heritage, we let our long experience and traditions guide our way to the future. Still, the adventure has only just begun and we aim to keep offering you a better outdoor experience. Go Explore!