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Purchasing guide

A simple step-by-step guide through the buying process at

Step 1: Explore our collection

In the upper right corner there is a menu icon that easily allows you to navigate between main categories.

The web shop is divided into subcategories that show a product overview. By clicking on each shoe, you get additional information, such as technical functions and area of use, as well as several pictures of all available colors.

It's easy to get lost in the jungle of technical terms. Feel free to read our buying guides

If you have any questions you can contact our team by in the chat box in the in the lower right corner and we will help you as soon as we are available.

Step 2: Find your size

On each product you will find a size guide for this specific product.ALFA Size guide

Step 3: Place the correct model and size in your shopping cart

Once you have found a product that you want to buy, enter the size and select "add to cart".

Step 4: Go to the shopping cart

Once you have added products to the shopping cart, they will be visible on the right side. Make sure the product and size are correct and press "Checkout" to continue.

Step 5: Register your details

Fill in the information form, select shipping method and enter payment information.

Read more about privacy and how we handle your information here.

Step 6: Complete the purchase

By pressing the "Pay" button, you accept the terms of purchase and are sent to the selected payment solution. Follow the instructions on the screen. When the purchase is approved, you will receive the order confirmation which will also be sent to you via e-mail.

Step 7: Shipment confirmation and tracking

When the shoes are packed and sent, you will receive an invoice via e-mail with information about the goods and the package's delivery number. This can be tracked on Then just look forward to the first trip with new shoes while you wait for the package to appear.