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Repair and service

Longevity is the most important contribution in sustainable shoes. The most important thing for the shoes to last is proper and regular maintenance. If the shoes should be damaged, there are a number of minor repairs you can do yourself, such as gluing soles and galoshes that are starting to come loose or lubricating the zipper. A shoemaker can also help you with many defects that can occur on a shoe. Contact your local shoemaker and they will help you.

To give ALFA products even longer life, we will start offering service and repair on some of our products. Impact A/P/S GTX is the first product where ALFA offers full service and repair of all parts (including the GORE-TEX membrane). This makes it possible to make the shoe almost last forever. Read more about the ALFA For Life project.

The service will for now be carried out at Skomaker Våge in Gjøvik, Norway. Only original parts will be used in the repair and replaced parts will be recycled.

For the time being, we only offer repairs of the Impact A/P/S GTX model, but we are working to be able to offer repairs of wearing parts on other models as well.