Proper maintenance and care of Alfa shoes

Maintenance of your
shoes and boots

Proper maintenance and care keep your shoes and boots dry and neat over time. Here you will find our recommendations on how to best maintain the different types of outer materials.

Please select which material you want to take care of:

If you are unsure about the material of your shoes or boots, have a look at the respective product page.

Full grain leather

Full grain leather provides good breathability, durability and water-repellence.

maintenance guide full grain leather

Nubuck leather

Nubuck is a high quality leather with a soft and velvety surface.

maintenance guide nubuck leather


Textile shoes are breathable and lightweight on the feet.

maintenance guide textile


AlfaAir™ is an almost maintenance-free material.

maintenance guide Alfa Air™


The woven wool in ALFA's winter shoes has water-repellent properties.

maintenance guide wool

M/77 Marsjstøvel

Alfa's classic marching boot will last you many years with good maintenance.

maintenance guide m/77
What products should I use?

With ALFA's maintenance kits, you get all the products you need to take care of your shoes and boots.

Fully-repairable GORE-TEX shoe