Simple shoe repairs: Glue the sole and lubricate the zipper

If the shoes have been damaged, there are many small repairs you can do yourself or a shoemaker can help you with.

Here we give some good tips on how to glue loose galoshes or apply slow zippers on the shoes.

Glue loose sole on shoes

If the sole has come loose on the side, it is best to use the glue Stormsure Flexible Repair Adhesive. Do not use superglue, as this will not hold. A loose sole requires sanding, fastening with suitable glue and drying.

First make sure that the surfaces are completely clean before applying the glue. Feel free to use a fine sandpaper and sand clean before applying the glue.

The glue is applied to both surfaces, both the shoe and the sole.
Then the two surfaces are squeezed together and immediately make contact.
The method involves very few possibilities for adjustment after the surfaces have been squeezed together, so be aware of this.

Tip: Feel free to use a hair dryer on the area you are going to glue to heat it up before you apply the glue.

Glue loose mudguards

The mudguards can also be glued in the same way as a loose sole (See above). Use the same type of glue and make sure it is well cleaned and put under pressure until it is dry!

Lubricate slow zipper

On a slow zipper, you can use regular leather grease that can be bought in sports shops or at a shoemaker. Lubricate the zipper with this, pull it up and down a few times, and it will work much better. You can also use a candle on the zipper in the same way as the leather grease.

Tip: You can also lubricate the zipper with a neutral shoe polish if that is what you have available.