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Size guide

A good outdoor experience will quickly be ruined by uncomfortabel feet. The most important is to have shoes in the right size. A general rule is that you should be able to have one finger behind the heel in the shoe when the toes are in the front of the toe box. To do this test make sure the lacing is fully open. On some high shaft boots this test can be difficult to do.

Shoes have different fits and shapes. We have therefor made individual size guides for each of our product so you should be able to find the right size for your feet. 

Press the Size chart button on top of the sizes on the product pages to see the spesific size guide for this product.

ALFA size guide

To measure your foot according to the size guide, we recommend you to follow this method:

Place a paper close to the wall and with bare feet place the foot on the paper, with your heel to the wall. Since it is important to stand up straight, preferably have someone help you draw a line in front of the longest toe. Remember to measure both feet as they might not be identical. With a ruler, confirm the measurement in centimeters.