The Nordic winter can’t beat «Wool» – our award-winning winter shoe made of 100% Norwegian wool. We’ve allowed ourselves to be inspired by Norwegian nature and the best it has to offer. Norwegian wool has many unique qualities, which makes it the perfect material to use during the snowy winter.

The Norwegian wool makes the shoes soft and comfortable to walk in, keeping your feet warm whilst the material provides breathability. The wool in our winter shoes is woven, a technique which makes the shoes wear-resistant, water repellant and durable.


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A lightweight and comfortable winter shoe with laces. This is a shoe you can look forward to wearing when the cold sets in. 


A sporty Chelsea boot with an internal zip and lining of sustainable Norwegian wool. With leather on the outside and wool on the inside, «Sete» is an urban winter shoe with good grip, which is easy to put on and take off. 


«Grend» is timeless and comfortable. A winter shoe made with Norwegian wool in two natural colours, light and dark grey. With a waterproof zip you can quickly put the shoes on and take them off again, perfect after a refreshing ice bath or long day on the slopes.

«Ull» is a comfortable and lightweight winter shoe with natural breathability, insulation and water-resistance. For extra durability, the shoes have leather toe cap on the outer. 

During the development of the shoe, we had a strong focus on sole technology. The outer sole utilizes ALFA’s unique rubber blend from Vibram®, which provides good grip on snowy surfaces. Comfort is assured with a shock absorbing EVA midsole. 

The simple instep, with zip or laces, allows you to quickly put your shoes on or take them off. In other words, the shoes are everything you need for winter. 


Together with Gudbrandsdalens Wool Factory, we’ve tested and developed several shoe models with durable, woven wool. A unique partnership between two quality-orientated businesses, which both have a long history and steady focus on technological development and sustainability. The result is a robust winter shoe which maintains its form, without the need for additional waterproofing or maintenance. 

The wool is Nordic Ecolabeled which guarantees its quality for your health and the environment. The sheep graze in the woods and norwegain mountains, where no fertilizers or pesticides are used. During the handling and washing process there is no need for additional chemicals as the wool is naturally clean and strong. 

Read more about the fantastic qualities of wool. 

Sheep in Norwegian mountains
Black wool in the wool factory
Gudbrundalens woolfabric