Ski boots with GORE-TEX® will revolution your ski experience

Ski boots with GORE-TEX® will revolution your ski experience

Cross country skiing is assosiated with winter and minus degrees. This may not be the time of year that you think it is necessary with the waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX membrane. But ski boots with GORE-TEX offers a whole new ski experience with greater comfort and warmer feet.

Warm feet heat up the ski boots that often are covered in some snown when skiing. When this snow melts, it will penetrate the material and enter the shoe.

The sun can also warm quite well in the winter. If the snow starts to melt, the shoes quickly get wet as well, and wet ski boots gets cold very quick. When the temperature is low, the moisture on a foot, whether water och sweat, will have a strong cooling effect when it gets into the colder outer material of the shoe.

To prevent water from penetrating the shoe, it is common to have a waterproof outer material on ski boots. This material is completely sealed so it keeps the melted snow out of the shoe. But the material is not breathable, so the sweat in the shoe will stay in the shoe. A person in activity sweats approximately 2 deciliters on each foot during a day. After wearing ski boots for a couple of hours there will be a considerable amount of moisture inside this tight "shell". This will make your foot sweaty and clammy which in turn will cool down the foot.

You can easily see if the shoes draw water if you measure the weight of the ski boots before going skiing and just after you have come back in. In most snow conditions a ski boot, due to the melting of snow and sweat, will be heavier when you get back. This extra weight is moisture that has reduced the insulation and cooled down the foot.

On a ski trip, the foot will be cooled down over time, and it may not be until you come back inside you notice how cold you've been on your feet. If you see sock marks on the floor after taking off the ski boots, you have had wet feet.

The GORE-TEX membrane makes the ski boots both waterproof and breathable.


When GORE-TEX membrane is used in a ski boot the boot will be both breathable and waterproof at the same time. The GORE-TEX membrane have microscopic pores, 20,000 times smaller than a water droplet, which means water droplets can’t pass through. The pores are 700 times larger than a water vapour molecule which means perspiration passes right through. This is what makes the membrane breathable. Read more about GORE-TEX® here.

A ski booth with GORE-TEX will give a new ski experience. The GORE-TEX-membrane will let sweat and vapor out, but will not let the water droplet's in. This way the GORE-TEX ensures dry and comfortable feet the whole session and the feet will stay warm.


In Alfa's ski boots for training and competition we have developed a perforated outer material AlfaAir™ which together with the GORE-TEX® membrane provides a truly unique ski experience. AlfaAir™ consists of two laminated layers, the outer part is extremely durable and maintenance-free. The perforation provides increased breathability, and combined with GORE-TEX®, this gives a whole new experience of function and comfort.

AlfaAir ™ is a maintenance-free material that makes it easy to take care of the ski boots if you also use them for roller skiing. Read more about how to take care of AlfaAir™ shoes here.

Alfa Air™ provides high function and easy maintenance.


ALFA is the only manufacturer of cross-country ski boots with GORE-TEX. The shoes are warm, waterproof and breathable, making them just as suitable for sunny days as for slush and rain. The boots have sturdy Rottefella soles and YKK zippers which are the world's best zippers, with low weight and high durability. This makes the shoes excellent for training and racing in cold winter days, sledding at Easter and roller skiing in both sun and not least rain.

The competition model EXC Advance GTX is a warm and lightweight classic model for the active and demanding skier. For those who want to perform in touring, the EXC Advance GTX will keep your feet comfortable all the way, so you can focus on technique and reach the finish line as quickly as possible.

If you're looking for extra stability, we have the Combi Advance GTX combo ski boot. It also has an extra high sock to protect from snow. Of course, it has excellent insulation, both in the upper and in the sole to keep your feet warm and dry both when you're taking it in and when you're taking it a little easier.

For those who freeze easily on their feet, or want to enjoy great skiing whatever the weather and temperature, many will appreciate the extra warm Horizon A/P/S GTX boot. This model is among the warmest cross-country ski boots. So warm, in fact, that when Snåsagutan set a world record over Greenland, he chose this boot for its light weight, insulating properties and comfortable fit.

For children, the Trac JR GTX is a very warm and comfortable shoe, built on the same principles as the adult models and designed for both play and sport on the ski trail.