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We've made quality footwear for more than 90 years, our craftsmanship is our pride. Keep your ALFA shoes and boots in top condition with our wide range of shoe care products for leather, suede and textile shoes. Here you'll find maintenance kits with all the products you need for your shoes, as well as individual products, and some tips and tricks for good shoe care.

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Fully-repairable GORE-TEX shoe

How often should I take care of my shoes and boots?

How often you have to impregnate and maintain the boots depends on how much you use them. If you see that your boots start to absorb water in certain areas, it is time for a new impregnation. Before longer trips and hunting the boots should receive a full care, so that you don't have to worry about wet feet on your adventures. If the boots are properly impregnated, any water should be repelled. You can apply shoe polish as often as desired.
Here you will get an introduction to how you should treat your footwear.

Repair and maintenance is more sustainable for you and the environment.

Longer product life helps us reduce the speed at which products are bought and thrown away, and this will lead to less material extraction, energy use and environmental emissions in all phases of the product's life. Make environmentally friendly choices by buying durable quality products, and take great care of them to prolongue their lifespan!

How do I take care of my shoes and boots?

Here you will get an introduction to how you can take good care of your shoes and boots.