Experience more and more often, with Xplore.

Welcome to a new era of discovery and adventure. Your are up early and out late, for a long time or just on a quick trip. For smiles-for-miles or training towards a goal. When others stay to the known, you take a right and carve your own line – and everytime, adventure is waiting. Experience your area in a new way.

Out skiing with friends at night

A strong partnership
gives excellent results.

Xplore is the result of a strong and innovative partnership between product developers from Alfa, Rottefella and Åsnes. After many years with prototypes and field testing, the result is finally here.

Xplore consist of 3 parts:


A new binding from Rottefella,


Shoes from Alfa designed to be compatible with the new binding,


Ski’s from Åsnes designed to complete the Xplore concept.

The bindings from Rottefella

The bindings from Rottefella have a broader attachment point than traditional backcountry bindings therefore giving greater stability. You can also adjust the binding to the terrain by changing the flex that comes with the binding to a hard flex with more resistance for better control on fun descents. Changing to a free-pivot plate will give full rotation for a more comfortable stride and energy conservation on the climbs. The integrated heel lifter results in an easier stride uphill. In addition, Rottefella have improved the skiing experience, by moving the rotation point closer to the foot.

New developed binding from Rottefella
Rottefella Xplore BC Offtrack binding

The ski boots from ALFA

The Xplore collection is made of lightweight and stable backcountry boots in classic and contemporary design. These are boots which are equally good for training trips as they are for covering long distances. The snug fit of the boots makes them perfect for a trip with friends, training and long distances.

The sole of the boot is constructed so that lateral twisting is prevented but still allowing the shoe to bend under the ball of your foot. This means you get a natural stride with good control on the descents.

The outer sole is made of a soft rubber blend with a rough pattern, giving safe grip in winter conditions when it’s necessary to walk on snow without ski's.

With the Xplore system, your experience on backcountry ski’s will be more comfortable and with improved stability on the descents. Ski mountaineering technology has found its way into the backcountry world.

Ski trip in the evening with Innovative boot with BOA
Crosscountry ski boot with Gore-Tex

Free A/P/S GTX

The most stable and innovative boot for those who want to enjoy the stability of the new Xplore system for optimal ski control. Maintenance free materials, integrated ankle support, winter lined GORE-TEX, insulated midsole, BOA closing system and integrated Recco Rescue System.

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Vista Advance GTX

A warm and sturdy backcountry ski boot in full grain leather with the
new Xplore™ system. The boot has extra stability for
demanding backcountry sking.

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Skaget Perform

Extra high boots in leather with good stability and comfort for those who like to ski outside the tracks. Insulated midsole.

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The skis from Åsnes

The hybrid skis from Åsnes are a combination of Randonnée and backcountry skis, giving you better control.

Falketind 62 Xplore

Falketind 62 Xplore is a specially constructed backcountry ski for the Xplore concept. Super lightweight and controllable in every corner. The skis are constructed in a width that has glides well with short skins. The skis have good steering, which makes the total package ideal for those planning longer trips in the mountains who want an offensive and playful ski.

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Rabb 68 Xplore

Rabb 68 is a super lightweight and nimble ski that fills the gap between a Backcountry skis and a Randonnée skis, and is designed for those wanting a wider ski for loose snow with the Xplore concept. The ski has a rocker/taper in both the tip and the tail for optimal steering and control. The low span makes the ski good for descending, without losing any climbing ability. The skis have good steering, which makes the total package ideal for those planning longer trips in the mountains who want an offensive and playful ski.

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Beautiful Norwegian mountain with snow

Are you ready for a
fantastic ski experience?

Backcountry skiing is a growing trend among winter enthusiasts, for seeking out summits or exploring your local area. For carving your own tracks and enjoying the outdoors to yourself, or for following marked trails in the forest. Or why not both? With Xplore you can have a completely new experience on skis.