Tips for trips with children

Tips for trips with children

1. Set small goals  

And by that we mean very small. When unexpected rain sours the experience or things get rough and turn out differently than imagined, repeat something like: "We're out. We're out. We're out." While counting your teeth with your tongue. Start with the back grinder in the upper right corner. Be resilient, even a terrible experience can become a treasured memory in the future!  

2. Don’t plan too much

It doesn’t turn out the way you planned most times.   

3. Dress like you’re going to the North Pole

It's you who freezes, not the kids. Low body temperature is rarely compatible with the enormous amounts of patience you will need.  

4. Introduce them to role models or inspirational content  

At the end of the day you want your children to enjoy their experince and engage in the acitvities. If the joy of outdoor trips aren't immediately apparent to you kids, perhaps introduce them to something they can connect with on their own. Children also need role models (besides you). For example, share a Youtube- or TV- show for kids about the pleasure of outdoor life which they can connect with. In Norway we have NRK Super and Villmarksbarna.

5. Watch your food intake  

And by that I mean yours.  

6.Do not fall into the candy trap  

Instead of running to the front and hiding candy every hundred meters, be completely inconsistent with the candy distribution. Instead, try to count the number of signs, pretend that you are not allowed to step outside the stones, have a charade while walking, sing a song, or similar games. It provides more progress and a little distraction, and much less candy. Then later the chocolate comes in as a nice extra bonus.  

7. Let your kids decide  

If they see a nice rock 200 meters away from the path in completely the wrong direction that they would like to rest on - say yes. And if they discover some nice icicles they want to play with 200 meters away from there again, say yes to that too.  

8. Turn in time   

With children on a trip, more problems come from not turning around in time, than turning around in time.  

9. Be generous to your partner  

If you realize that the goal, I told you not to plan for, is not actually going to be reached, and there are other adults on the tour with you, let your partner go to the top alone, while you turn around and head back with the kids. Every other time of course.  

10. All aids are allowed  

One word: tow rope.  

11. Stretch the time  

The most important thing is to be outside - come up with something that draws out the time as much as possible. Like making bonfires, little wooden boats, and playing games. Or put the kids to work – blueberry jam on freshly made pancakes tastes best when they get to make the jam themselves, and pick the berries straight from the bushes.