Hiking in an adventurous fjord landscape!

Hiking in an adventurous fjord landscape!

The deep, dark blue fjord carves its way between snow-covered mountains, rugged cliffs, roaring waterfalls and lush but steep mountainsides. Walking along the Geirangerfjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a truly beautiful experience. Here I give you an insight into my trips in the Geiranger area. The area offers a wide range of experiences. Where to start? 

Geiranger's own welcome committee.

A good place to start is Vesterås Gård. From here, the hiking opportunities are many and you get close to Norwegian, traditional culture. I was welcomed by cute lambs, cuddly goats and the occasional llama who lay and enjoyed life in the sun. You can hardly get it more nationally romantic - and especially not if you do like me to trudge around in the green meadows dressed in knickers and traditional Norwegian wool sweaters.


If you want an easy and short hike with first-class views of Geiranger, fjords and mountains, Vesteråsfjellet can be a good choice. From Vesterås Gård, follow a tractor road for 20 minutes before reaching the viewpoint. This is an ideal evening trip if you have some time to spare. The terrain is easy and low hiking shoes are the ideal footwear.

Beautiful and easily accessible vantage point.

 The perfect place to enjoy your evening snack!




Storseterfossen is worth a visit. The hike up to the waterfall is based on Vesterås Gård and is notch more demanding than the trip down to Vesteråsfjellet. The path up is somewhat hilly and hiking shoes will fit better for this trip. The trip to the waterfall is in itself beautiful and takes you through green meadows and nice forest areas. I had to take a break, sit down and listen to the rich bird life. Countless bird sounds created a calming and cozy atmosphere in Vesteråsdalen. Nevertheless, it was the waterfall that gave the trip the greatest experience.

After walking in the ice on the way up to the waterfall, the first steps behind the waterfall felt like stepping into a giant freezer. Suddenly everything became cold and wild. But I certainly did not pay much attention to the cold, because what was in front of me was really spectacular.

A powerful and fascinating sight!

Despite the many degrees of heat above the waterfall, it was minus degrees behind the waterfall. This created large amounts of ice behind the waterfall and the otherwise good, paved path became a bit of an ice rink.


Although Flydalsjuvet is not known for being a hike, it is a photographic treat that should be given some attention. The vantage point is one of Norway's most famous photo motifs and has been used in many tourism campaigns - not without reason!

From the center of Geiranger it is about 4 km up to the viewpoint which is right next to the road towards Grotli. The view towards Geiranger is exceptional with fjords, mountains, gorges, buildings and large cruise ships that glide carefully between the rest-exposed mountain sides.

The vantage point consists of two levels and it is absolutely not necessary to go out on the rock in the picture. If you should fall for the temptation, then be extremely careful! This is not the place to step wrong or to loose balance!!


The mountain hikes around the Geirangerfjord are many and incredibly beautiful! If you think the view from Veståsfjellet, Flydalsjuvet or the other easily accessible viewpoints is spectacular, then some of the mountain peaks near the fjord should have their place in your bucket list. I strapped on my skis and picked up Geitfonnegga (1453 masl) and do not regret a second of that choice!


The trip to Geitfonnegga requires that you have skied a bit before. Here it is a good idea to bring avalanche equipment and check avalanche warnings and weather forecasts before tackling the altitude meters.

Last week there was a large landslide from the south side of Geitfonnegga and the consequences are fatal if you are caught in the mountainside that plunges into the fjord. Therefore, it is important to have knowledge of landslides before traveling in exposed slopes. After the summit trip, I met a local who thought our trip to Geitfonnegga was foolhardy and headless. Had we climbed the mountain without carefully considering route choices, I would have agreed, but that was obviously not the case.

Sunset from the fantastic Geitfonnegga. A beautiful trip, winter and summer!

 Photoshoot with Alfa Ambassador Aleksander Gamme and Iselin Næss in Devold.



Once you are in Geiranger, you should also consider making the trip to Eidsdalen. I have been to several times recently. Partly because it is a natural passage on the way to Geiranger and partly because the valley offers beautiful nature. Photoshoot with Devold of Norway and swimming in Eidsvatnet has been one of the things I have done in the scenic valley. Had I had more time, I would also have climbed more of the mountains west of the valley. These mountains offer a first-class view of the Sunnylvsfjord!

Yes - it was cold.

The hiking opportunities around Geirangerfjorden are endless and the tours I have presented above give only a tiny taste of what the area has to offer. This World Heritage Site should be included in your future itineraries!