Since 1933, people have put their trust in our shoes, in all types of weather, terrain and distances, and our customers have helped us improve and develop our shoes ever since.

Durable ankle high hiking shoe with Boa lacing
Hiking shoes

The AlfaAir™ material in hiking shoes increases the lifespan of the shoes compared to textile shoes. They also feel more sturdy than textiles without feeling stiff.

Hiking boots

Hiking boots with AlfaAir™ are significantly lighter than traditional boots in leather. The material requires neither shoe polish or creams. If you prefer lightweight footwear on your more demanding hikes you will find our AlfaAir™ boots a safer choice in the mountains than running shoes or sneakers, but without any weight penalty.

Autumn hunting in the mountains
Hunting boots

AlfaAir™ is revolutionizing hunting and hiking boots with extra high shafts. The combination of super low weight, good stability and comfortable fit in these boots makes them perfect for hunting as well as hiking in demanding terrain, and they will give extra protection in wet terrain or if you carry a heavy pack.

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