Since 1933, people have layed their trust in our shoes, in all types of weather, terrain and distances. And our users have helped us improve and develop our shoes ever since.

In recent years, we hav ennoticed a demand for lightweight shoes with minimal maintenance that last for a lång time. Vi took on this challenge with great enthusiasm. The result is AlfaAir™.

AlfaAir™ is a unique two-layer material, significantley lightar than leather. The upper layer is made of perforated microfiber that is maintenance-free and extremely durable. The layer beneath kan be customized for different needs such as insulation or breathability.

AlfaAir™-shoes are solid as leather boots, light as textile shoes and fully maintenance-free.

Durable ankle high hiking shoe with Boa lacing
Hiking shoes

The AlfaAir™ material in hiking shoes increases the lifespan of the shoes compared to textile shoes. They also feel more sturdy than textiles without feeling stiff.

Relaxing at the top of the mountain in Alfa hiking boots
Hiking boots

Hiking boots with AlfaAir™ are significantley lighter than traditional boots. The material requires neither shoe polish or creams. If you want light shoes even for more demanding terrain, than our mid height boots with AlfaAir™ is a much safer choice than running shoes or sneakers, yet offer similar weight.

Yes, its true - leather boots provide more stability than AlfaAir™. But if you want a maintenance-free and light boot with extra stability, then our hunting boots are a great alternative to leather hiking boots.

Autumn hunting in the mountains
Hunting boots

AlfaAir™ is a revolution in the hunting experience compared to classic leather hunting boots. Hunting boots with AlfaAir™ weigh almost as little as our leather hiking boots. So they work great for hiking as well, escpecially in wet terrain or if you carry a heavy pack.