Do you enjoy being in the mountains with skis on your feet? With us you will find mountain ski boots for everything from large expeditions in extreme weather to simpler day trips in the mountains. All our mountain ski boots keep your feet warm, dry and comfortable on your adventures whether there is hard-pack or loose snow beneath you.



When you set out on a ski trip, comfort is king, because nothing spoils the fun more than chafing or frozen toes. Good back-country ski boots provide both warmth, stability and a good fit, and this is what we at ALFA focus on. With the background of the beautiful but cold Norwegian winter, we have designed many back-country ski boots that you can choose from, whether you are going to take the trip across the moor, go steeply up the mountain or on the wildest expeditions.

The world's best-selling back-country ski boot! The perfect back-country ski boot for those who love the many and varied experiences the winter mountains can offer. Whatever the weather and conditions.

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The Outback A/P/S 2.0 GTX is the comfortable and extra warm BC back-country ski boot. The two-way zip allows for good ventilation and at the same time easy access to the lacing system. Loose snow is no challenge with the Outback A/P/S 2.0 GTX!

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Xplore is the result of a strong innovative collaboration between product developers from ALFA, Rottefella and Åsnes. With the Xplore system, your experience on back-country skis will be more comfortable with stable descending.

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The ALFA Free A/P/S GTX is a back-country ski boot developed for the Xplore™ system with improved comfort, stability and steering properties. The built-in ankle support, AISS, improves stability and control in challenging terrain.

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Have you thought about extreme winter expeditions? Then you should bring the right equipment. ALFA has ski boots are warm and are well suited for extreme conditions and tough trips. We also have insulating liners and liner boots in wool that you can wear as inner shoes.

ALFA Polar A/P/S is the expedition boot used on the toughest trips. A comfortable and very warm ski boot, perfect for the adventurer who doesn't want to let extreme cold put an end to their desire for expedition.

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