Whether you go for a leisurely stroll in the Easter sunshine, ski off-piste or compete on freshly groomed trails, we have the ski boots for you. ALFA has cross-country skiing boots for children and adults with technical properties adapted to different areas of use. Common to all boots; they keep you warm, dry and comfortable, whatever your skiing adventure.


In order for you to be able to perform at your best, regardless of the snow conditions, we make ski boots of the highest quality with specifically selected materials for the qualities we desire. The ski boot construction is determined by the activity for which they are made. In this way, we ensure the stability of the boot to give you full control of the skis.

With a focus on insulation, we ensure that you keep your feet dry and warm in sub-zero temperatures. ALFA makes ski boots for Norwegian winter days so we have well-insulated soles in natural materials in our models.

Unsure about your choice of ski boots? Here are three things you should think about before buying.

The market's warmest cross-country skiing boots. Keeps your feet warm and dry even during easy activity. There is a cold-insulating midsole and an air-insulating intermediate layer between the outer sock and inner sole providing extra insulation. The high boot provides good support and control over the skis while avoiding snow inside the boots. A very comfortable cross-country ski boot that is perfect for those who go on leisurely classic-style ski trips.

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The ski boot that is perfect for women on the cross-country trail. It is a very comfortable and warm ski boot that is suitable for both long and short trips. The boot is made of white AlfaAir material, which is both durable and specially treated to repel snow and dirt.

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A ski boot is not just a ski boot. All elements, from the inside to the outside, help shape the unique function of the boot. Insulation, waterproofness and breathability are three areas we focus on when we design ski boots for Norwegian conditions.

The ALFA EXC Advance GTX is a very comfortable ski boot with a racing feel for the long and cold days. A uniquely warm racing shoe, thanks to the aluminum clad midsole in Texon.

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A unique combination boot with super stability and control over the skis. The integrated ankle support sits close to the ankle and ensures upper stability while providing good flexibility in the sole and ankle for the classic kick-off.

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