Ingeborg Sol Fure

Published 21st of march 2022, last updated 20th of october 2022

Name: Ingeborg Sol Fure
Age: 41
optimist and adventurer
IG Name: @solfure

Hi Sol! Where in the world can we find you?

My basecamp is Førde in Sogn and Fjordane where I live with my husband
and kids. I travel a lot for my job as a content producer and digital creator,
so you can probably meet me anywhere in the world, at any time!

How would you describe yourself?

I am probably overly ambitious and have an urge to create and produce
something all the time. It can be perceived as tiring to many, but this is my passion
and what breathes life into me. I love meeting people who understand this vibe
and are on the same frequency as me. Then magical things are created! My
abilities don't always match my level of ambition, but I reach for those who
are better than me, because I like learning new things and challenging myself.

How would your friends describe you?

My sister calls me a ‘circus princess’ because I have always followed
my own path and style. I want a lot of everything and can be bored in the
company of people who aren’t interested in challenging themselves. They would
also describe me as a multitasker, who wants a finger in every pie, especially
the ones that are most fun!

Who are your rolemodels?

I have many role models, and most of them are normal people without celebrity or legend status. They are people I admire for different qualities, and who I have made into ‘hats’ to wear in my own life - this means that when I have to clean the laundry room, for example, I visualise that I am my sister. She is the most efficient person I know and gets things done in a jiffy.
I have many other such ‘hats’ that I put on when I need to, and they all belong to role models in my family and friends.

Your soundtrack?

I couldn’t live without Funk and Soul; it puts me in a good mood and gives me energy.

What activities do you do?

6 years ago I decided to learn how to balance on
my hands, which is a peculiar activity. You can't use standing still on your hands for 1 minute for anything, but it's an incredibly satisfying process and a counterbalance to all the creative things I do in everyday life.
Otherwise, I summit peaks on my backcountry skis and on foot, swim all year round and train strength.

Summer or winter?

I need both; in the summer I’m bubbling with work and creativity and
only want to be outside all the time. During winter I calm down and have more
inside time, something I also need in my life.

Where can we find you right now?

Now I’m at home, after returning from the mountain after a very unsuccessful hike. I’ll try to reach the summit tomorrow, I think!

Where do you wish you were right now?

Bali wouldn’t be the worst! After two years with little travelling, I
feel drawn to sun and water which is warmer than 5 degrees!

What are your best qualities on a trip?

My mood is always good outside, and even when everything goes wrong, I’m still happy.

and the worst?

I always pack too much and too heavy. I might need a dress, a disco ball, a light-up balloon, a blow-up flamingo or an extra sleeping bag? I take with me much more than I should, because I always want to create cool moments
and of course, take great photos.

Have you ever been afraid on a trip? What did you learn from it?

When I went up Rimstigen alone and spent the night at
1,000 m above sea level under the open sky, is a memory that has firmly stuck.
I was ecstatic and terrified at the same time. There was no mobile coverage, and
I suddenly realized that a friend told me about a bear that roamed in the area.
I went to sleep with an acceptance that I might not wake up. The joy was great
when the sun shone into the sleeping bag and hit my face. There is a difference
between fear and danger, the fear is only in the head, and usually it goes

Do you have a favourite destination?

My childhood paradise is at the far end of the sea gap,
on Indre Fure. There, I ran around barefoot all summer and foraged in the
spring for crabs and shells. Returning there does something to me, and I find a
peace I rarely find in other places, despite the fact that the weather can be

Do you have a funny story from a trip, or are they mostly pain-free?

Trips are usually not pain-free but at least there are
funny stories out of it. On a three-day trip last year, I brought the wrong type
of skis and couldn't lock the heel on the way back down. There were many
crashes and falls. I climbed 3 peaks with these skis, on the final summit I
lost the car key, which I didn't discover until we had come back down. Tents,
sleeping bags and all equipment were locked in the car, it was 9pm and we had
neither coverage nor power on the phone. It was just a matter of strapping on
the skis and heading towards the mountain again, hoping to find it. Lucky for
us, we found it after only about an hour!

What are you proud of?

Taking my children on fantastic trips such as Galdhøpiggen and Via
Ferrata Loen are very proud moments, especially when I see the joy in their
eyes and how proud they are of themselves.

How important is gallow humour for you?

Self-deprecation and gallow humour are vital! If you go
around whining about everything that is not a tailwind, then life will quickly
become very difficult. I love that people laugh at themselves and joke in a
nice way with others. Many people wrap racism and harassment in
"humour", and this provokes me. One can joke about most things, but
it must be done with dignity and love.

Who is boss? You or nature? What is best about being out in nature?

Nature is definitely the boss. It is strong
and powerful, and cares very little about how I feel. It feels so good to be outside without having to perform or defend what I do. For me, this is a free space for play, reflection and silence.

Do you think about the environment when you’re in nature?

I’m always disappointed when I find litter in nature, and I take it
with me when I can. It’s unbelievable that people can throw litter out the car
window and think it’s not their responsibility. It doesn’t require much to keep
the environment clean, or at least visually clean.

What’s your motto?

I live by a bunch of mantras that I repeat to myself to solidify
them in mind, heart, body and soul. It can vary from day to day and is often
something I want more of. It can be something as simple as "I'm efficient,
I'm efficient, I'm efficient", when I'm slack and tired one day. You
become what you tell yourself you are, and suddenly I've got a whole bunch of
work done!

What are your ambitions for the coming years?

I have an ambition to take a multiday ski trip with a sledge over the mountains,
sleeping in a tent. Otherwise I want to take my daughters on a multi-day
camping trip in our local area and further afield. Lofoten is magical, so it’s
there I want to take them.

We have to ask: why did you choose ALFA?

ALFA is a Norwegian brand with extremely high ambitions, I dig THAT! The hiking boots are of the best quality and make no compromises to
keep the price down. Bad shoes have ruined many trips for me, but after I started using ALFA, shoe and foot problems have not been an issue. My ALFA shoes sit perfectly on my feet!

What is your favourite ALFA shoe?

Drift Advance and Impact are two pairs of shoes everyone should have in their shoe shelf. Buy these and thank me later.