Line Victoria Sverdrup

Line Victoria's primary focus is to appreciate the nature we have and
try to get more people to see its value. Being able to live in harmony with
nature, while developing as an individual, is one of the most important things
for her. Everything she has learned in the field of outdoor life she has
learned by trial and error and from spending a lot of time in nature.

If she has the chance, she lights a campfire. But Line Victoria has
several characteristics: For her, there is no hiking life without at least one
dog present. The best thing she knows is to travel in areas where you don't see
signs of human activity, but rather old pine trees and the smell of moss. It's
real wilderness! She takes many trips in the national parks.

With a perfect campsite, a big bonfire, trout fishing and the easy
hiking life, Line Victoria knows the fresh air, listens to the wildlife and
enjoys every second. She does outdoor activities and hiking full-time, but
never gets bored.

Let's get to know her
The girl who can never get enough of the Norwegian nature

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What are the best experiences you’ve had?

One of the most fantastic trips was a hike in Femundsmarka National
Park in the summer of 2017 with my partner and our two dogs. We had our canoe
and paddled through undisturbed wildness, and we never managed to decide what
our favourite camping spot was. Then you know you experienced magnificent
places. Furthermore, we concluded the trip with two huge trout, the largest
around 2kg.

Another favourite was a trip my partner and I took to Trollheimen in
Autumn 2017. We had sun for the entire trip, surrounded by mighty mountains
wherever we went. We fished up mountain trout, one after the other, from
turquoise water. Large coveys of grouse played while we walked, we met hundred
of reindeer, the sun burned, the heather was red, and I felt like the luckiest
person in the world.

What started your outdoor interest?

The mountain cabin at Hedalen in Valdres. It’s one of my favourite

Have there been any funny moments on your trips?

My funniest trip story is from the trip to Femundsmarka
in the summer of 2017. My partner and I were going to paddle against the
current through a waterway we had seen that Lars Monsen had done in "On a
trip with Lars Monsen". We thought this would be easy as pie, but it
wasn't. My partner had to stay in the canoe and hold on to a fence behind him,
so that the whole canoe wouldn't be thrown back through the watercourse. It was
complete chaos in the canoe, the fishing rod was about to break and my
Greenland dog puppy of only 4 months was about to fall overboard. It was so
comical that I almost peed myself. Luckily, we have the whole experience on
film and I never tire of watching it.

Your proudest moment?

Hard to choose just one. One of my proudest moments was
when I caught my first mountain trout. I have caught a lot of fish before, but
the mountain trout had to wait until our trip to Trollheimen. It was a great
pleasure to be able to pull up my first mountain trout. It tasted good too.

My first solo trip is also considered one of my proudest
moments. I had managed to sleep several nights alone on the trip, found the way
myself with a map and compass, lit a fire and cooked myself dinner. I was quite
proud then.

This one was pulled up in Femundsmarka. Good and red meat, as a proper trout should look like.

Mountain trout from Trollheimen. These were for lunch that day.


With experience often comes greater ambitions. What plans do you have for the coming years?

I have a project where I want to have 100 days out on trips during 2018.
These will be spent in Norwegian national parks from south to north. The next on the
list is Langsua National Park in June. There will be at least one national park
each month for the rest of the year, and the final three months in 2018 will be
spent in Finnmark.


Finnmark at the end of the year sounds cold. Do you have any tips for anyone wanting to be outside more throughout the year?

My best tips deal with being cold. I love winter trips, but I hate
being cold, and it’s maybe my greatest challenge on a trip. I always have with
me two waterproof bottles that tolerate warm water. I cook up water in the
evening, fill the two flasks and put them in my sleeping bag. This way, I stay
warm throughout the night, and I have fresh water for breakfast the next day. Best advice ever!


Why did you chose ALFA?

The reason I choose ALFA is because my experience shoes me they are
the toughest shoes on the market. When one engages in a lot of outdoor
activities in challenging terrain, one is dependent on long-lasting equipment.
One of the most irritating things that can happen on a trip is kit that breaks.
I’ve never experienced this with ALFA and therefore there is no doubt in my
eyes which brand I will choose when I buy new shoes. If you take care of your
shoes, they’ll last for many years. Additionally, they have shoes for every
use, which is very important, when everyone has different requirements and desired
qualities in a hiking shoe.

Have you found your favorite ALFA product?

My favourite product are the ski shoes BC A/P/S. Comfortable and
wear-resistant ski shoes which keep my feet warm, even in deep and wet snow.


Dehydrated food or hamburger?

Depends on the situation but mostly dehydrated food.

Leather or textile shoes?

Leather shoes

Sleep in or wake up early?

Wake up early

North pole or equator?

North Pole. Difficult with a Greenland dog at the equator.

A good book or film?

A good film

A trip with Jan Thomas or Lothepus?

Jan Thomas

Lofoten or Jotunheimen?

Never been to Lofoten but would love to go there. I must say Jotunheimen.

Tent or open sky?

Open sky

A long trip or lots of short trips?

Many long trips?

Alone or with company?

A trip with my partner and our dogs. I enjoy alone time, but not
without my dog.

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