Great walking shoes

When you put ALFA Steg on, your dog knows what is happening. You are going for a walk. ALFA Steg is designed to support the natural movement of the feet. Built on ergonomic principles, they have been created to provide good hiking experiences on gravel and asphalt.

After over 90 years of expeditions, hunting, hikes, and traversing Norway, we know what is required of a good shoe. Alfa Steg has a comfortable fit with room for the foot and its movements. The GORE-TEX membrane makes the shoes breathable, waterproof, warm and ready for all kinds of weather. A seamless blend of function and innovation. Explore all our casual shoes

A tribute to walking

Laggo Leather

Laggo Leather Advance GTX is a versatile high quality leisure shoe in leather that can be used on lighter trips and everyday use in the city and nature.


Ortu Perform is a classic leisure shoe without Gore-Tex. The shoe is made of light, durable and Bluesign® approved textiles that fit the foot well and provide a soft and comfortable feel during use.


Eide is a leisure shoe with a sporty look, perfect for active people in everyday life. The shoes have a durable upper material and the design of the heel makes it easy to put the shoes on. With Eide, you can go straight from the office to light walks in the woods and fields.


Laggo is like a classic leisure shoe, but has an asymmetrical opening where the tongue of the shoe is attached to one side. It is practical so that the tongue does not slip down into the shoe, or over to one side or the other. The shoe is tightened in the traditional way with shoelaces that provide greater customization options, which is advantage if you have wide feet.


Stokka is a so-called "fit sleeve" and can resemble a sock that is stretched to fit the foot into the shoe. It is elastic and fits well around the ankle. The fit can be adjusted further by lacing.

Pattern inspired by Nordic handicraft

Functionality, comfort and timeless design are always ALFA’s top priority. A charming detail is the sole, where Mike Friton has been inspired by local Nordic handicrafts. The result is a pattern of stars, or roses, recognizable from traditional Norwegian Selbu mittens.

Many people wear sneakers in the form of trainers or running shoes when they walk. But did you know that it could injure you in the long term? Your feet behaves completely different when walking in contrast to running. That is why ALFA is launching a new collection of shoes that are adapted to the steps you mike while walking. They have a shape that is roomy enough to allow the foot to move freely and naturally, where the outside of the foot is pressed down and out, and where the toes can spread out. This makes STEG more stable and better for your spine than walking in running shoes.


At ALFA, we are concerned with sustainability and reducing overconsumption. We therefore use good quality materials, so that the shoes withstand use and last a long time. Steg shoes have a durable material has been chosen that is Bluesign® approved. Bluesign® is an organisation that works for a safe and sustainable textile industry and therefore follows the textiles throughout production from factory to finished product.

As in most ALFA shoes, a GORE-TEX membrane is used which makes the shoes waterproof and breathable. This keeps your feet dry and comfortable in all kinds of weather.