An essential textile through the ages, with properties that still today are unbeaten by modern innovation — especially when accounting for its environmental benefits.

Wool is phenomenally wear-resistant when woven, and Norwegian wool lends itself well to weaving. It's also sustainable, natural and renewable. It’s just a few of many reasons why Norwegian wool is the material choice for warm winter shoes. 

Sheep in the Norwegian mountains


Norwegian wool is high quality where the cold climate as an advantage. It uncommon to use pesticides in Norwegian farming so the wool doesn’t need to be chemically washed during production.

Wool with woven fiber is also more wear-resistant than felted wool. Norwegian wool is thick, pliable and robust; which makes it perfect for weaving, and especially useful for products that need solid structure, such as furniture and shoes.

When we developed our «Wool» winter shoe collection, we decided to collaborate with Gudbrandsdalen Wool Factory. They choose 100% norwegian wool of the highest quality from local producers such as eco-friendly Norilia. 


Lightweight laced boot made with woven Norwegian wool in a timeless design.

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Grend grey

Comfortable winter shoe with light woven wool and a waterproof zip. 

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Sporty Chelsea boot made from leather with a woven wool insert and hidden zip. 

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Grend dark grey

Comfortable winter shoe with dark woven wool and a waterproof zip. 

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Black wool in the wool factory


Gudbrandsdalen Wool Factory was founded in Lillehammer back in 1887. By using first class raw materials, they produce textiles of the highest quality, and today are one of Europe’s leading producers of furniture material. This is a wear-resistant wool textile and is therefore perfect for winter shoes. 

Man holding wool in the fabric
Washing the wool in the fabric
Gudbrandsdalen woolen factory

The qualities of wool

Wool has a long list of good qualities which become clear when winter shoes are made. Firstly, the fiber is extremely elastic and can bend more than 20,000 times without breaking, which means the wool holds its form and is very durable. Weaving the wool increases its durability even more. Additionally, wool is easy to keep clean due to it’s natural protective layer which prevents dirt and stains bonding to the material. 

In Norway, we know that wool is a great choice on cold days, as the weave of the wool creates air pockets which helps keep the body warm and transports sweat and humidity away from the skin. Wool can absorb 30% humidity without feel clammy and cold, which results in less odour. 

Norwegian Swan-labelled wool

A sustainable choice

Wool has more advantages than its technical qualities; it’s also a great choice for the environment. It’s a natural material which is both compostable and renewable, as a sheep’s wool will continue growing in the same way as human hair. The fiber has good elasticity and holds its shape for many years, resulting in longevity of wool products. 

Norwegian wool is such great quality; everything is either used or traded. Our winter shoes use washed wool from Norilia. The Nordic Ecolabel brand ensures the wool comes from healthy, mountain-roaming sheep. Using Norwegian wool supports sheep farming, local jobs, and provides local wool of top quality. 

The Nordic Ecolabel guarantees the right choice for health and environment. Norilia has the Nordic Ecolabel because it has complete control of the value chain and the environmentally friendly washing process. In general, there are very few pesticide particles in Norwegian wool, which results in a simplified washing process. Gudbrandsdalen Wool Factory meets the conditions for the EU Ecolabel, which is responsible for the ecolabel throughout Europe. 

Norwegian wool is versatile and of very high quality. It’s known for its durability, elasticity and brilliance that gives varied textures.

Wool generally has a long life with extremely elastic and durable fibers. Norwegian wool is strong and robust, and woven wool is even more enduring.

Wool is 100% natural, renewable and biodegradeable. The wool we use has the Nordic Ecolabel, making it a great choice for your health and the environment.

Warm feet with Alfa wool shoes