Which hiking boots should I choose?

Which hiking boots should I choose?

Good shoes are vital for a good experience – especially in the mountains. Hiking boots should be stable, have good grip and be comfortable. Find what works best for you in different conditions.

Hiking shoes or hiking boots?

With many versatile and multi-use shoes available, it’s understandable many terms are often used interchangeably. To clarify, so called ‘high shaft shoes’ are categorized as hiking boots or hiking shoes. 

ALFA’s high shaft hiking boots are designed to be comfortable on long hikes, providing good ankle support. They are most effective for long trips in undulating terrain, as opposed to hiking straight up and down mountains. 

Simply put, you should choose a hiking boot if you plan to hike in the mountains and fjells with a rucksack, you want good ankle support , the terrain is wet and marshy, and the route is categorized as intermediate to difficult. 

If you’re unsure whether hiking boots, hiking shoes or hunting boots are best for you, we recommend you read our guide to hiking shoes. 

In this video with describe the characteristics of hiking shoes:  


Which hiking shoes should I choose? Here we explain the advantages or hiking boots and which ones are best for different hiking routes. Happy walking!  

Good hiking boots = good support. 

The higher shaft found on hiking boots means the boots are well suited to days carrying a heavier rucksack, or routes with steeper ascents. The ankle itself can use this support to offload some weight. Remember, whatever the shoe, one always needs to be alert in challenging terrain to avoid sprains and other more serious injuries. 

Some models are extra stiff, so they tolerate even tougher terrain. These are not as flexible and are therefore no appropriate for normal walks but are preferred for hiking to summits. Crampons can be fitted to certain models. 

Protection against dampness 

The high shaft of the hiking boots means they are more resistant to dampness than low shaft shoes. Water and wet vegetation need to higher than the collar before dampness creeps down the shaft, so it’s natural high shaft boots are better suited to wetter terrain, therefore keeping your foot dry for longer.  

Which material is best?  

The hiking boot category is divided into two materials: leather and AlfaAir. 

Leather is a wear resistant material which insulates well and is very stable. Leather is well suited to all seasons. When you look after leather, it’ll look after your feet for years and years in return. 

AlfaAir™ is an innovative, maintenance free material with a low weight. Rinse off your shoes after use, and they’re ready for the next trip. AlfaAir is well suited to spring, summer and autumn. 

Hiking boots for men, women and children  

Finding a shoe that fits is important for comfort, and therefore we have hiking boots to suit all types of feet. Most of our shoes are available in men’s and women’s models. We’ve created an overview of each model, so take a look at our articles; hiking boots for men, hiking boots for women, and what fits you best. 

At ALFA you can find wear resistance hiking boots for children. Junior boots are developed for both hikes and play, with good grip on most surfaces. They also have simple fastening and GORE-TEX to keep small human feet dry.