Why you should walk more!

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Walking really is an underrated activity. Not only does putting one foot in front of the other get you from A to B efficiently, but walking also has a major positive impact on your physical and mental health. This is true whether you're walking on hard pavement or in the wild.  

Physical benefits of walking

Put on your shoes and go for a walk. It's a simple activity that keeps your body in shape without the hard strain of running, which is especially important if you have problems with your knees, ankles or back. Walking can also improve your posture.

Plus, if you walk at a good pace, you'll get your heart pumping, which has many health benefits, according to the American Heart Association. A study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that those who followed a walking programme experienced significant improvements in blood pressure, cholesterol, pulse at rest, weight and body fat.

Walking is good for your mental health

The physical benefits of walking are obvious, but do you know how good it is for the mental? Research shows that putting on your shoes and getting moving can counteract stress, depression and anxiety, especially if you walk in nature.

Walking also gives a positive 'boost' to your mood and memory. In fact, researchers find that a short 12-minute walk boosts confidence and makes you more jovial, energetic and alert. It also affects creativity, which, according to a Stanford University study, can be boosted by as much as 60% from walking.

Which walking shoes to choose?

No doubt about it then. Just do it and walk more! Walk to work and to the kindergarten in your everyday life, go for a walk in town or in the forest and walk with others. But remember to use the right shoes. Many shoe racks are stocked with trainers, but these are for running, not walking. That's exactly why we at ALFA have developed the Step collection.
Step - ALFA

It's mainly about how the last is constructed. The step shoes are designed according to how your foot moves when you walk. With more room for your toes and a rounded front and back sole, you're guaranteed more comfort and a more stable and balanced step, which is better for your body. The pressure of the step is distributed correctly in the legs and does not put extra pressure on the spine. 

«If you wear shoes that are too soft, or shoes that are meant for running, you put more pressure on your spine. With very soft shoes, you won't feel it in your feet, but over time it will affect you because it puts too much shock through your spine. Therefore, you should wear shoes with more stability.»

Mike Friton, Shoe innovator

The shoes you choose affect your step and the movement of your whole body. A shoe with too much cushioning may feel comfortable on the foot, but what many people don't think about is that it puts more strain on the spine, which can cause problems over time. That's why the firmness of the sole of Step shoes is a happy medium between comfortable cushioning in the right places and a shape that gives your foot stability and confidence as you walk. 

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