Laksefjordvidda with puppies, packraft and fishing rod

Laksefjordvidda with puppies, packraft and fishing rod


I knew that this summer was going to be a travelling one, considering that we have seven puppies in the kennel. I honestly thought I was going to get through the summer without any longer trips. That was until I was sitting in front of the PC one evening and suddenly had planned a 4-day trip on Laksefjordvidda.

The desire to wake up to fresh air, build a bonfire and make campfire coffee was there, and it was great. Fortunately, I have many people around me who can easily take care of 7 dogs.

We are going to take two of the puppies on the trip and so I want us to paddle as much as possible, as they can't stand to walk such long distances either. I therefore recommend you to take out to find the Great Sea of Måsevannet to have a look around in this area.


I choose not to write too much about the trip, nor put out a mood video. This tour was carried out just before the hunt started in September.