Project Queen Maud Land

Project Queen Maud Land

In mid-December 2013, the six athletes headed to Queen Maud Land, the Norwegian sector of Antarctica. For 50 days they were to explore mountain ranges and desert plains in search of the perfect venues for a variety of activities. Among the 900 kg of equipment there was advanced climbing gear and a mile of rope, base rigs and wing suits, speed riders for flying and kiting, randonee skis, sleds, tents, warm clothes and expedition equipment – and a fatbike.

Towards Ulvetanna.

The team, consisting of four men and two women, embarked on various missions from the base camp in the Orvin Mountains. All of them are specialized in one or more of the activities, yet completely new to other disciplines. The entire trip can be seen as a preparatory process to create a well-oiled team suitable for climbing the legendary Ulvetanna peak - and jumping off. This was the expedition's last major goal.


The project will be aired on Norwegian television and aims to convey the forgotten and hidden parts of Norway. The experienced team members showcase some of the most spectacular parts of Norwegian nature in a modern way. However, the adventurous expedition project, with its risk-filled activities, is conducted in a safe and respectable manner, with minimal impact on the fragile environment.

The timing is no coincidence, as it is the 200-year anniversary of the Norwegian Constitution, and 75th anniversary of Norway's annexation of Queen Maud Land. The TV series will portray athletes and highlight their stories and motivations behind their extreme endeavors. With a budget of approximately 3 million dollars, countless hours of effort as well as unpaid help, the series will be produced in both a Norwegian and international version.